Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elementary VDay Par-tay!

One of my favorite things about being the elementary coordinator is party-planning!
We had our Valentine's Party at the  local bowling alley again this year.
We had roughly 65 bowlers + parents and babies. Nice fun crowd!
As always, it's open to everyone, but geared to elementary kids (what with the exchange boxes and stuff, although some adults *ahem* still enjoy this part, too!)
My lovely girl, although a middle-schooler now, still regularly participates in our parties.
Love this kid.
 We encourage everyone to get creative and make their own containers to bring.
This year I helped my Littlest Guy create his "face to eat candy," below.
 Turned out fairly well, I think. One box + one oatmeal container, an 8x10 print (and a 4x6 print for extra skin to lengthen the jaw) and some clothes. He added the fedora, which was a nice touch!
 Love this adorable light saber valentine! We're big Star Wars fans over here.
 Hope your V-Day was as fun as ours,
filled with love from family and friends,
and creative delights.
~One of my favorite holidays!~

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sara's art house said...

So cute! Love that person box!!!!!