Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Direction for Art

My parents with The Artist and Nature Man

I was spinning around in my last post, with too many directions, plans, interests and thoughts about the past and future.

Now, in at least one area, I'm focusing on a specific direction. You know me... I sew for awhile, then scrapbook, then garden... and then I paint or do photography. Each "phase" lasts until I'm inspired to push forward to the next venture.

This venture can be called Thinking Outside the Box: An Artistic Adventure with Kids. :-)

I came upon my new inspiration while visiting Philbrook with the kids yesterday.

Let me just say:

I. Love. Art.
Lucky for me, my entire family does.(My mom took this picture of me, The Artist, Nature Man, and my Dad.)

Our Philbrook field trip featured on's Homeschool Links, here.

Today we had a royal family day, complete with games, crafts, a Natural Falls hike
(on every one of the trails!)
and then we came home to play with side walk chalk.
Dash, don't let go! That wind is blowing hard!

Nature Man, make sure that parachute is strapped on properly next time!!
The Artist blows out the candles... on Dash's cake. He didn't mind the help. :-)

Below, Dash in the car that he drew by himself.

Quite the 4-year old artist!

We've also been working on lapbooks and more folder games during our "free time." More about those coming up!


Arato Girl said...

Oh, I LOVE the philbrook. These are great!

sara said...

Oh my goodness! What good ideas! I love all the pictures- and the sidewalk chalk is adorable!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I love these pics! How neat!

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea to incorporate the artists into their works!