Saturday, November 30, 2013

The great resurfacing

It's me!
I'm still alive...down here in TEXAS.
 Yep, we moved. We made it. And I promptly got busy unpacking, exploring our new area, getting to know the homeschool group. And forgot all about this here blog.
Oops. Sorry.
But, now that everyone is gone and thinks this online home has perished, I'm back!
Resurfacing, y'all. Even if there are no y'alls left.
I miss the writing, recording. I miss the inspiration that I feel when I start planning and showing.
Okay, so if this is for myself-- Hellloooooo ((echo echo))--
Here's what happened, in a nutshell~
Fred quit his job, we drove the almost-1K miles down to the tip of Texas, to a sweet rental house. We bought state park passes, started our every-few-days to the beach excursions, and settled into our Texas lives.
Fred got a great job here (although not a great schedule--eek) and I'm working on resuscitating my art, among other things.
Oh, and I made friends.
And went parasailing!

Yep, good stuff happenin' down on the tip of the US.
Perhaps the best thing, right now, is that it's nearly December (an hour left of November, in my time zone) and I'm okay with that.
This is huge.
Winter usually kills me.
But here, on the Gulf of Mexico, we're still wearing shorts.
I still have sunshine.
My windows were open today.
And my soul rejoices.
We left because I couldn't do another winter.
I thank God for making our move successful, providing for our needs along the way, and giving us peace about the unknown.
Now that I've run down the gist of the last few months, I can get to the artiness and daily living stuff on next posts.
I'm back!