Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy and Daddy doll crafting

Most days, I'll pick sunshine over rain, hands down. However, today has that "light feeling" with soft rain, clean air, gentle breeze. The kids and I cleaned out the van (in the rain, we have no garage,) and then just played for a few hours.

During quiet time (Little Lad is asleep, so it really is QUIET!) the kiddos played Starfall and I sewed next to them. I love the craft room set up!

Okay, I have no idea why this picture is sideways. I've tried it three times, and now I give up. Turn your head.
I'm making Mommy and Daddy dolls!
Daddy is done now. I sewed buttons onto his shirt, and made the undershirt out of real t-shirt fabric. And muscles!

I had to give him a hat, because his head looked soooo small. Maybe I didn't leave a wide enough seam allowance? I'll find a doll's cap soon, and then he'll look right!

When Little Lad woke up, he really stared hard. Then he simply said, "Daddy has a hat. And no fingers." Daddy doll got a hug from all of the kids. I'll make the doll of myself this weekend, most likely. (Then maybe they'll think twice about bickering, when Mommy-doll is watching!)
Tonight: dinner with my Mom and sisters. Tomorrow: Family zoo trip with my father-in-law, then Game Night at my sister's house after that. Saturday: our family game day! Great times!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crafty Closet Creating

I am a clutter-bug. It may have *looked* put-together sometimes but, up until now, it was only a look, a hoax, an iLluSiOn. I tried, I really did. Try as I might, though, I had too much stuff and no solid ideas on how to store it all. I like this stuff. I use this stuff. It's great stuff that turns into pretty-little-somethings.

Sooo, it was time to call in reinforcements, namely my dear friend October. She is not a clutterbug. She's one of those minimalist, ultra-tidy people who will walk through her house and pick up a CRUMB that stands out. Crumbs were just a "part of" my floor. I'm so glad she loves me anyway.

My whole baggie-system of organization was, well, sloppy. It WAS organized, sorted, and together, but it was not aesthetically inspiring.

In comes the Queen of Clean. Why didn't I get a picture?? Because you wouldn't have been able to spot us under the piles of STUFF.

This is how it looks now! The repurposed closet in the craft room:

(The hangers are for extra winter clothes + new aprons and other clothes that are in-progress. The large tubs are full of fabric. Smaller tubs are full of rolled lace, bias tape, ribbons, fake fur, pom poms, thread, glitter, etc. One whole tote is dedicated to wood-working supplies.)

This is my favorite shelf. Books and brushes.

Found this Wendy's cup at a yard sale a few years ago, and I love it. (have no idea why this is underlined...hmmm....)

This is my craft table, in progress. (YES, I have a lot of things in progress!) It's a door, nice, solid, and long. We'll have glass on it soon, for a smoother work surface.

In the mirror you can see my sewing desk on the other side of the room. Many contented evening hours in that red "princess" chair.

It feels goooood. The kids came and sat in the closet when we were done. Yeah, it feels that great.

The room is aching for creating. I'll oblige.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hitting the big 5- OH !

This is my Mom. She is 50. I know, it's crazy, right? This lady has more fun and energy packed into her athletic little frame than most 20-year olds I know. Call it good genes, if you want. (please! I'd like to think I'll look this great at 50!)

See how the kids just take it all in stride? It's nothing new for us to have crazy parties and wear enormous glasses.

Who is my Mom?
Let me tell you a little about her:
Her faith is real. She wants to be exactly what God wants her to be. Mom strives to be the best version of herself. She searches the Bible for truth, and can easily discern Truth from modern-day-lit-garble. (And she's an English major, so I may get some tongue-lashing for all of my hyphen uses and made-up words in this post! ha! Sorry, Mom!)

She is fun. She loves to laugh and joke around. She loves to spend time with family, anywhere & anytime.

Mom is a writer by nature, and spends much of her free time filling up notebooks with her newest (and incredible) articles.

She is tolerant and grateful of others. She's one of those sweet people that will let you out of the church parking space when you're trapped in, and then she'll give a friendly little wave. Uncommon these days.

She's physically impressive, for a 5'6" small-build little-lady. Don't even think about arm-wrestling this woman. Mom and Dad will be traveling to Florida in November for their next marathon. (By the way, on Dad's 50th birthday, he climbed Mount Evan in Colorado. Nothing gets in their way, certainly not a few extra years under the belt.)

She loves to see new places, and especially to capture them on film. They are empty-nesters, so she gets to travel with Dad, usually to Colorado, Missouri, and Mexico. They did take a trip to Europe about a year ago, too.

Mom loves nature. She instilled this in all of us, by taking us camping, hiking, swimming, caving at early ages. We camped ALL the time when I was young. When we lived on the East Coast, they took us to the Market and the beaches almost every weekend. I went rafting and water-skiing for the first time when we lived there. On the West Coast, for summers, we spent hours and hours on the rocky shore line, just soaking up the beauty of God's creation.
Enjoying nature is part of her daily life, and I'm so grateful that she passed that on...

She is "Noni" to seven grandkiddos. Four of them, below, patiently wait for cake to be served. My folks are fantastic grandparents. They always have time to babysit, play chess, take the kids to the park, play music and dance, you name it.

She loves her family unconditionally, and has accepted each new son-in-law fully and completely, with affection and encouragement. Regardless of how goofy they are... ;-)

(Fred having his "lightbulb moment." He never divulged what it was. Go figure.)
My mom is compassionate. She wants to help you, me, everyone. She feels pain deeply. If you are sick, she is the best person, hands down, to keep by your bedside. She is empathetic, almost to a fault. Others can take advantage of her, if she isn't careful.

Poor baby Ransom! He wasn't used to the confines of the Baby Bjorn. He'll love it in time. Noni gave him some lovin' after this.
My Mom is all this and more. She's still running marathons and taking overseas trips at 50. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if she takes up skiiing or windsurfing by the time she's 70!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What am I making now?

Retro reversible aprons! To be listed soon!

I have matching headscarves and purses in the works as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woodland model

Could I have a better little model? Just proves that you can wear an apron anywhere.
The poor little artist wasn't feeling well today. :-(
She still wanted to model the apron, though,
so I had her lie down and rest while I snapped some pictures.
Perfect little beauty.

I just listed this apron set on my etsy. It comes with the apron, headscarf, and monster-measuring-spoon-man.
The fairies and other woodland creatures gather around the sleeping beauty,
quietly so as not to wake her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For the Love of Horses

When I was a kid, playing house was "the thing." I had an ample supply of baby dolls, cribs, diapers, and all-things-house. My sisters each had their "thing," too. Amy's was Barbies and Julie's was My Little Ponies. We all loved to draw and read.

Wow-- who knew that the love of childhood toys could reveal so much about the things to come.

My thing is still "house," and all things house. I love to move things around, craft, cook, and be mommy.

Amy's thing is still fashion. (Well, okay, we all have a lot of THINGS that are us now, but the Barbies do reveal her innate fashion interest!)

Julie is still about talking creatures. Or enchantment. And animals. Yeah, stuff like that.

None of us were ever horse-obsessed little girls, although we had our share of little girlfriends who were. And now I have a daughter who is. From the time she could point her chubby finger and say "hose," they were her "thing." She plays horses, decorates with horse stuff, buys art supplies for the sole purpose of sketching the creatures. I have a feeling this is a lifelong love. I envision her on a sprawling ranch, giving her own horsemanship lessons to little children someday.

Sooo, what did we enroll her in?

Horse camp!

Of course, Nature Man also needed to attend, because he loves every animal in the world!
The kids loved it!! Best of all, the last day of camp was The Artist's birthday. Her group ate cupcakes, sang to her, let her ride first (and an extra ride afterwards, too.) She had the best day ever!!

Then the par-ta, planned by the 10-year old herself. White cake with white icing, check.
(No, I did NOT make it. I cannot make cakes. Period. It's the one thing I don't bake.
But I plan to take a class soon!)

Pizza-eating, check. Crafts and artwork, check. Playing outside, check.

Nature Man tree-climbing back at home which he is no longer allowed to attempt in that tree,
after he climbed to the TOP of the Bradford pear!! gasp.
After horse-camp-actual birthday, and birthday-party-weekend,
the now-10-year old spent Monday on a trail ride with her Aunt Julie.
The Artist's horse was named Ice Wing and Julie's was called Poco.
Trail riding for the first time by herself!

After the ride, they went to the Golden Corral for some lunch.
Aww, my princess is so precious!
And speaking of my sister Julie, she just opened her own etsy shop, The Enchanted Woods ! Go check it out! She does the most incredible custom ink portraits!

So, what was your big childhood interest, and what does it reveal about you today?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First "official" sale

Okay, I've made a few sales, but my first "official sale," (read: not family or close friends) was today. I thought the lace apron would go first, but it was this one:Love this fabric!
It's always exciting, yet scary to try something new.
Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Double Digit Daughter

This picture was taken about a year ago.... how can 12 months make such a huge difference?
How can the time go so fast?

My oldest child, only daughter, beautifully natural, talented artist is now 10-years old. TEN YEARS OLD. She is thrilled to be in double digits. I smiled and jumped up and down, baked the cookies, and went hiking with all of them. Inwardly, I went through the memories of the past ten years, slowly savoring each thought.
This will be our postcard, with a caption that says, "Arkansaw mansion."

Horseshoes, picnic, & teetherball
Beautiful weather at a beautiful place to create more beautiful memories.
I adore these pictures. The whole series just shows their personalities so well... The artist, kind & cute, affectionate, with a good sense of humor. The Littlest Lad, strong-willed and hilarious, goofy and loves attention.

Then we went to some darling little shops. Nature Man got "new" froggy rain boots ($1) and the Artist got pink swim shoes ($1) and I found an adorable little dress.
Back at home, the Artist suggested that I try on the dress. And then she zipped it up for me. (I feel like it should be said with quiet acknowledgment.) My breath caught, and that was just my breaking point. Here I have this amazing child, not long ago a chunky hilarious baby in my arms... and now she stands there, up to my shoulders, and zips my dresses up for me. It's amazing. Children are amazing. I'm so blessed and grateful to have four!!