Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nesting in the homeschool room

I'm in full-blown nesting right now. The "nest" being my homeschool area. Just like nesting hits around the mid-point of pregnancy, it also hits me mid-point of summer. The year-end burnout is gone, replaced by excitement & a fervent attempt to quickly prepare everything for the new year! Suddenly I'm trying to tie up loose ends of projects, reorganize and label every shelf, tub, and cubby. When the kids go to bed, I've been cleaning off and on, and then sewing, sewing, sewing. Why? Because I plan to open at etsy account soon, to help fund our books. Why not aid our family while doing something I love?

How do you like the naked Barbies in the man tub? Inappropriate perhaps? I should fix that asap. There are some other areas in this shelf that still need to be dealt with, too. New desks are brought in. I now have four of these beauties!! L-O-V-E 'em!
(by the way, they were $3 each at a flea market!!)Things are painted, made, stacked, and packed.
The nature shelf and cabinet is dusted and organized.
New systems are researched and set into motion.
This is my temporary solution to the workbox system. I can't have 48 tubs laying around. Soooo, the hanging shoe racks have a new purpose! This one is for The Artist and Nature Man. The cubby spots are large enough for full-size books, and puzzle boxes. I was worried about things falling out when the kids swing the door open and shut, but it has passed the test!! There are twelve slots for each child.
Oh, yes. This mid-summer point is rejuvenating for all of us. The birth of a new school year is upon us!!!

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Ann-Marie said...

Oh my darlin', I AM pregnant, and I'm not near this nesting - you've got it DOWN! It looks amazing.

Can I send Sam to school with your kids? I hear they have an awesome teacher.

sara's art house said...

good deal on the desks!

Suzanne said...

Love the desks, we only have 2 - still need 2-3 more! We just redid our school nook not long ago and I love it!

What a great idea with the workbox/shoe hanger things!! Like good enough that you should submit a how-to article to Heart of the Matter! I have wondered how I could make them happen in my house, but, like you not have 48 boxes. Great!!

What curriculum do you use during the school year (and how do I not know this?)

We're deep in the lapbooking summer season, but I'm thinkin' hard about a set curriculum for this school year.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Joyful Suzanne,
this may sound like a silly question... but how do I go about posting on Heart of the Matter? I love reading your articles there, and plan to do another lapbook today. :-)

Curriculum-- wow, that's a post in itself. I'll skim the surface by saying that I love Charlotte Mason, and we use Teaching Textbooks for math. ;-)