Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For the Love of Horses

When I was a kid, playing house was "the thing." I had an ample supply of baby dolls, cribs, diapers, and all-things-house. My sisters each had their "thing," too. Amy's was Barbies and Julie's was My Little Ponies. We all loved to draw and read.

Wow-- who knew that the love of childhood toys could reveal so much about the things to come.

My thing is still "house," and all things house. I love to move things around, craft, cook, and be mommy.

Amy's thing is still fashion. (Well, okay, we all have a lot of THINGS that are us now, but the Barbies do reveal her innate fashion interest!)

Julie is still about talking creatures. Or enchantment. And animals. Yeah, stuff like that.

None of us were ever horse-obsessed little girls, although we had our share of little girlfriends who were. And now I have a daughter who is. From the time she could point her chubby finger and say "hose," they were her "thing." She plays horses, decorates with horse stuff, buys art supplies for the sole purpose of sketching the creatures. I have a feeling this is a lifelong love. I envision her on a sprawling ranch, giving her own horsemanship lessons to little children someday.

Sooo, what did we enroll her in?

Horse camp!

Of course, Nature Man also needed to attend, because he loves every animal in the world!
The kids loved it!! Best of all, the last day of camp was The Artist's birthday. Her group ate cupcakes, sang to her, let her ride first (and an extra ride afterwards, too.) She had the best day ever!!

Then the par-ta, planned by the 10-year old herself. White cake with white icing, check.
(No, I did NOT make it. I cannot make cakes. Period. It's the one thing I don't bake.
But I plan to take a class soon!)

Pizza-eating, check. Crafts and artwork, check. Playing outside, check.

Nature Man tree-climbing back at home which he is no longer allowed to attempt in that tree,
after he climbed to the TOP of the Bradford pear!! gasp.
After horse-camp-actual birthday, and birthday-party-weekend,
the now-10-year old spent Monday on a trail ride with her Aunt Julie.
The Artist's horse was named Ice Wing and Julie's was called Poco.
Trail riding for the first time by herself!

After the ride, they went to the Golden Corral for some lunch.
Aww, my princess is so precious!
And speaking of my sister Julie, she just opened her own etsy shop, The Enchanted Woods ! Go check it out! She does the most incredible custom ink portraits!

So, what was your big childhood interest, and what does it reveal about you today?

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Shirley said...

Yes - all things horses for me, too. We were blessed to be able to have our own horses and I hope to again soon. You see, after our recent visit to OR, my daughter has also caught the horse bug :)