Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crafty Closet Creating

I am a clutter-bug. It may have *looked* put-together sometimes but, up until now, it was only a look, a hoax, an iLluSiOn. I tried, I really did. Try as I might, though, I had too much stuff and no solid ideas on how to store it all. I like this stuff. I use this stuff. It's great stuff that turns into pretty-little-somethings.

Sooo, it was time to call in reinforcements, namely my dear friend October. She is not a clutterbug. She's one of those minimalist, ultra-tidy people who will walk through her house and pick up a CRUMB that stands out. Crumbs were just a "part of" my floor. I'm so glad she loves me anyway.

My whole baggie-system of organization was, well, sloppy. It WAS organized, sorted, and together, but it was not aesthetically inspiring.

In comes the Queen of Clean. Why didn't I get a picture?? Because you wouldn't have been able to spot us under the piles of STUFF.

This is how it looks now! The repurposed closet in the craft room:

(The hangers are for extra winter clothes + new aprons and other clothes that are in-progress. The large tubs are full of fabric. Smaller tubs are full of rolled lace, bias tape, ribbons, fake fur, pom poms, thread, glitter, etc. One whole tote is dedicated to wood-working supplies.)

This is my favorite shelf. Books and brushes.

Found this Wendy's cup at a yard sale a few years ago, and I love it. (have no idea why this is underlined...hmmm....)

This is my craft table, in progress. (YES, I have a lot of things in progress!) It's a door, nice, solid, and long. We'll have glass on it soon, for a smoother work surface.

In the mirror you can see my sewing desk on the other side of the room. Many contented evening hours in that red "princess" chair.

It feels goooood. The kids came and sat in the closet when we were done. Yeah, it feels that great.

The room is aching for creating. I'll oblige.


October said...

It looks excellent! You finished it right up didn't you. I love it! And, for the record, you worked as hard as I did and you're the one who makes the beautiful creations out of that space. I'll see you tomorrow!

Simply Stork said...

ahhh yes! a closet crafter :o) It does look great...a perfect place to keep all the crafting goodness-(yours doesn't look as messy as mine???)


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Yeah Baby!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

The things that excite me! ;-D

Adelia said...

Ooo, everyone needs a Queen of Clean in their arsenal!!! It is inspiring!!! For us messies, clean doesn't really seem fun, but au contraire, clean means you can be inspired to have fun. Fun is more readily available when it's not hidden in a mess. I'm a self-confessed messie who's trying to overcome. I find myself looking at more linear furniture...A minimalist in the making...I doubt it. But I could break through more clutter barriers. Here's to de-cluttering! Great job, October!!