Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is it? Wednesday

Last chance, guys.

What is this?

Okay, My Dears, you are too smart for me (or I'm too lame to be doing this.) And now I can't find my big picture of my shredding lawn chair, so you'll just have to wait. I'm too tired to run outside in my jammies to take another picture. ;-)

Simply Stork, My Ice-Cream Diary, Ann-Marie, Jerri, Holly, and lj are all correct. So now go and visit each other, play nice, support one another, all that jazz.

Maybe I can make this a little tougher. Maybe.

So...what is THIS? Hmmm...?? Anyone? Too easy? Too hard? If you want a "real version" of my attempt at this game, please visit Stork! :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Simply Amazing Birthday

The Birthday Girls. Trish had a "big birthday" on Friday. Mine was Saturday.

I successfully crammed three parties into one day! At 6am yesterday my beautiful beautician sister headed over to my cottage to do highlights for me, eyebrow wax, makeover, and style. I'd never had my eyebrows waxed before. I know, I'm strange. The beautifying process took some time (heh), but I came out alive, delighted with Julie's work.

So let party #1 commence. Fred bought me cream-filled donuts (the only kind I eat, and only on "special occasions"), and the kids sang to me, then hubby took me shopping at sales and the festival.

We then rushed on to Party #2 at my parents house. A quick deli lunch, and then I had requested pie rather than cake. Yum, yum for pie! I got another round of singing, my gift (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and then rushed off to prepare for Party #3.

Now the third was intended to be a ladies' night out, but my bday fell on a Saturday this year, so it ended up being like a birthday party for myself. (blush) Not my intention there, guys, but I do so appreciate the cards, gifts, songs, cakes.

This was truly one of the most wonderful birthdays I've ever had. I got to see a lot of my family and more friends than I imagined seeing on "my day."

Mary and Sherrill, munching their hot dogs.

Years ago, when I was so lonely one day, I cried out to God, asking Him to please give me some godly women friends. God is good. He has blessed me more than I deserve, with some of the most amazing girlfriends!
And without further ado, here are some more pictures:

My camera was snatched by my sister, so I stood between Charlie and Sherrill, so I wouldn't have to take the flash alone!

We started out munching, then the whole introduction rounds, and then we played some games. They were more ice-breakers than games, as no one really "wins." It's just about getting to know each other. I realized that almost everyone here knows me through either our homeschool group or some kind of church/ ministry.

Lindsay, Amy, and Charlie...nice pose, Charlie!

The first game was "I Have Never..." Everyone sits in a circle except one person. The person in the middle says something that they have never done (ie. I have never gotten a manicure or I have never worn a bikini). All the people who have never done that have to get up and find an empty seat (from someone else who just got up). The person stuck without a seat is now in the middle. This game has no time limit. Wow-- I learned some interesting info! ;-)
Suzanne and Kathryn, do we need to separate you two??

The second game was Two Truths And A Lie. Each person writes 2 truths and a lie about themselves. The group has to guess which is the lie. We played variations of this later in the night. The tongues get looser as the night went on, if you know what I mean...

Two beauties, Rochelle and Adelia

Sherrill, October, and Jerri warming up by the fire, as the night got chilly.

We were also blessed to have Tab play her guitar and sing until about midnight. Her music just touches my soul. I wish I could sing. And I'm thankful that God gave her that talent, to stir others' hearts. And, girl, thank you SO much for the CD. You are awesome!

The last person shivered off to her car at about 1:20am or so. And then I flopped into bed and slept until almost 10am! Oh, what would I do without such an amazing husband? He also put everything away, cleaned the kitchen, and did the dishes. And then he took me shopping again today, and watched all the kids while I tried on some jeans. What kind of man braves the mall with four kids? Yes, I may be a teeny bit spoiled. But that's what we're supposed to do, right? Spoil each other.
You are all fantastic!! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrate being a BOY

I have this awesome friend who has three little boys.
She just had the most amazing little party, to celebrate being a boy!

You know, I've been to countless girl-y tea party, dress-up, princess, etc parties. And I love all that, being a girly-girl myself, but I also love the down-and-dirty fun-in-the-mud all-that-is-boy stuff. And, being a mom of three boys myself, I can't believe I never thought of having a BOY party.

This was so neat. She had displays of legos, blocks, farm animals, and The Dangerous Book for Boys set up. The table was burlap, camouflaged place mats with matching plates, cups, etc. The boys ate fish (goldfish) and then mud cakes (chocolate iced cupcakes.)

They each got their very own real wood sword. Don't worry, the ends weren't sharp. Someone smart had thought to hammer them until they were dull. :-) And they each got a newspaper hat, paper airplane, compass, frog, dino stickers, and decoder set. So very neat!!

I made jello racecars to bring, but then forgot about them and they stayed in her fridge the whole time! Heh. That's me.
Ten little boys, and so much fun! They could swing, play, run, shout, do crazy stunts, get dirty, pee outside, if need be...and no one got in any trouble. They just got their energy out and played like boys should play! Oh, I love it!

What is it? Wednesday

For those of you who might have missed this last is your last you know what this is???

Holly, LJ, k.t. is mommatude, Adelia were all right! I need to make this harder !

It is a picture of my comfy slippers! I wear them all the time, inside and out. Sometimes I forget I have them on, and go to functions wearing slippers. Adelia and Kat can both attest to this.

Okay, so here is your next picture. What is it??

I'll post the answer next Wednesday. Happy Guessing!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

the boy mind

While cooking lunch, we sometimes play "what starts with __?" Today was the letter S.
Isabelle- sweet
Ethan- snot
Trevor- sssstinky
Isabelle- sugar
Ethan- spiders
Isabelle- smile
Ethan- shark
Trevor- sssslimy
You get the idea! The way boys' minds work...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

somewhere down...WAY DOWN inside

I'm convinced. There MUST be a good little person down inside of Trevor, just trying to escape. Sometimes I see him surface, but he is usually held captive by bugs, burps, toots, and mud. Somewhere...way down deep...he sits quietly and waits for his chance. I love this little "quiet person"... who snuggles on my lap (still), and holds my hand on walks. I also love the "other" Trevor, the one who can't sit still, and must --MUST-- make noise. But, oh, how I long for quiet inactivity at times.
On the other hand, I can only imagine the kinds of things Trevor will be able to accomplish someday with that much resolve and an unending energy level.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wendy's What Is It Wednesday?

First, I've gotta show you Trevor's "What is it" Moment yesterday:
"What is it, Mommy?" as he sticks his face down into the hole in the backyard!!!

(Don't worry, he's okay.)

Now, on with the fun!

I asked Simply's permission to use this awhile back, and then I never got around to it. She graciously granted, saying that she had also borrowed the idea. Check hers out, it's awesome!Isn't it fantastic to share wonderful creative ideas with others? One of the many reasons I love the blogosphere.

Bear with me while I start this. I've never done it before, obviously. ;-)
So, here's my first one:

What is it?

I'll post the answer and full picture next Wednesday, along with the winners.

Happy Guessing!

tub smoochin'. Muah!

I'm better!! Praise!! (Now just pray for complete healing for the kids, especially Trevor because the incessant whining starts to wear me thin.)

I spent WAY more than my fair share of time in the bathroom the past few days, and I was able to examine my cleaning (or lack thereof), with more detail than I wanted. My deep cleaning needed to be kicked up a notch. Soooo, when I felt a bit better yesterday, I scrubbed my bathtubs like mad. Those suckers are CLEAN. Heck, you could eat out of them. Or anything else, for that matter. ;-)
But I think it took far more work than it should have. Granted, I had already caught up my laundry and dishes, and I was probably just tired...but, STILL! So, now I am determined to find a better bathroom cleaner. I would like one of those magical ones that requires no scrubbing. But I'm willing to settle for something that requires minimal scrubbing and gets rid of soap scum fairly easily.

It's a plus if it's non-toxic. I can rinse like crazy and dry it thoroughly, but it just makes me feel safer to wash with something that won't be dangerous the next time Oliver or Trevor decide to lick the tub or drink the water! h

Any suggestions? I'm not about to go buy and test products without some feedback first. ;-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1..2..3..4..gee, thanks

I know I've been posting a lot lately. I feel so crummy, and sitting still is about all I can do. Much movement is just out of the question, and I now carry my big plastic bowl with me everywhere. :-(

This morning I was sitting on the couch and Trevor came over to cuddle. He started rubbing and feeling my face with his little toddler hands. Aww...

And then he started counting:
"1...2....3...4..." and so on.
"What are you counting?"
"All the boo-boos on your face."

Gee, thanks, Honey. Way to make Mommy feel better.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Givin' the man a shiner

When I get sick, it really does give Fred a chance to shine. Not so much yesterday, because he hadn't properly gotten into his sympathetic grove. It's amazing how fast a house can fall apart when Mommy is sick.

But today he came through with flying colors. I woke up at 9am!! Yes, be shocked. Even more shocking: Trevor slept in that long, too!!! Unheard of.

I came out to ....a clean living room, dishes done, kids dressed, and breakfast for me and Trevor waiting in the microwave! I'm impressed! He even put the things I like on my plate: eggs and potatoes, but no sausage...and extra sausage on Trev's plate. :-0

Sometimes I really believe I'm brought to my knees in an area so someone else can get a shiner day. :-)

I've always wondered why I get sick and Fred doesn't. I eat healthy foods almost all the time. I exercise, take vitamins, brush my teeth a lot, drink lots of water, you name it. But Fred, oh Fred, he thinks fried foods are a food group by themselves. Granted, he's getting better, but he still doesn't eat salad (as in NEVER in 11 years), or take vitamins or anything that "drastic," bless his heart (seriously, pray for his heart!)

I am thankful he is well. Things might not be up to my regular standards right now, but he sure is trying!! And when a man tries that hard, I can overlook all other messes. (Oh, and he is also staying home from poker today to help me. That is huge. Huge, I tell you.)

Friday, April 11, 2008

That'll cheer me up

Trevor lifted up my shirt earlier, and prayed over and over in a circle around my belly button, "God, thank you for my food, God thank you for my food." Then he smiled really big and asked if I was all better because he had prayed on my tummy. :-) Awww....

And the BIG NEWS-- Oliver JUST took his first three steps!!!


We're sick:
me and izzy, effer, Trev....and the computer. Thnk Fred spilled something on the keybbboard.
Pray for fast healing.

And word to the wise: never eat guacamole when you are feelng illl

Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Boys and Rednecks

Yesterday I started a load of the boys' jeans. I was in a hurry, busy as usual, and I had my mind on other things. I'm very careful about checking Fred's pockets now, after accidentally washing a paycheck a couple years ago!!

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I neglected to check pockets. When the load was ready to transfer, I was met with green covered, strong-smelling wet jeans. Ethan had apparently filled his pockets to full capacity with wild green onions. How did I miss that?!

I had to get everything out, then scoop the green stuff from the bottom of the washer, and proceed to pick each green strand out of the pants.

Anyway, on to other matters. When Fred got home from work today, he announced "We're havin' fish tonight!"
Fine by me. I marinated salmon, tilipia, and catfish, for a fish sampler platter. And I prepared homemade seasoned steak fries. Everything was set to go, when Fred discovered he was out of charcoal. Being the creative geniuses that we are (heh), we rigged up out firepit to cook the fries and then fish.

Yes, that's a leftover part of our fence, with the grill rack on top.

You know you're a redneck when...

little girls are made of...

We went to such a sweet "slumber party" (the theme, not an actual slumber party) on Saturday night. Isabelle is the one in all pink PJ's, (top, second from left.)
The girls played dress-up, sang and danced to Hannah Montana (I didn't even realize this girl singer had a TV show until Suzanne enlightened me.) Then they played outside, made body scrubs, ate pizza and then cake. I love parties-- especially full of cute little dressed up girls!!

Isabelle and I are already making plans for her summer bday. :-) We usually stick to a pool theme, since it's the hottest part of summer. I'd love to veer away from that this year, and do something that would encourage the girls to get more playtime together. There are so many neat themes and ideas. I need to come up with something crafty, fun, but not expensive. Hmmm...

Any ideas?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ahhh...sweet relief

Okay, so things are looking up. I've had two days of respite, thank You, Lord.

It's amazing what a difference Bible study, prayer, good friends, sunny days, help from others, and baked goods can make!! :-)

Ah, the joy returns!

I think I've mentioned before that I really need my sunshine. I need fresh air and exercise or I start to feel ICK. Fred has been helping me get my daily dose. We have been working, off and on, on the play set. The weather is slowing us down considerably, but at least the kids have the tower, slide, and monkey bars so far. And don't forget dirt...actually MUD, thanks to all the rain.

The good thing about solid white clothes is that they can be bleached!!

Fred covered our wood when it started to rain, so after the showers cleared up, we went out and cooked over the firepit. Ahhh...fresh crisp air. So nice.

We've also taken up shooting hoops again. We take turns shooting and holding Oliver. Isabelle is getting quite good, too!! She's very proud of herself for making several hard shots, and she wants to try basketball camp this year. We've done Tball and soccer in the past, so this will be something neat and new.

Even if I can't get outside, it's nice to just leave the house when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Today we went to a post office field trip, then out to lunch with a friend (thank goodness for those free pizzas through Book It!), then had them come back here. After that our college grad student came to meet with Isabelle and then I went shopping. Somehow 10 hours of activity was very refreshing for me. :-)

Here's Ethan's attempt at taking a picture of us at the post office. Heh heh. It actually turned out strangely interesting. I'm not sure what on earth the kid did...

Tomorrow is a big day. My baby turns 1. ONE-year old. I can hardly believe it. I spent my spare seconds today just studying his little face: the wispy blond hair that is starting to curl in the back, his beautiful clear blue eyes, those chipmunk cheeks that everyone wants to pinch. The way he smiles, reaching up for my face when he's nursing. Oh...and the smell. He smells like the Shea Butter baby wash that I use on him. I just want to inhale it and keep that scent in my lungs. This baby is just the happiest cuddliest most adorable infant in the world, (not that I'm partial or anything.) I can't believe a whole year has passed.