Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ahhh...sweet relief

Okay, so things are looking up. I've had two days of respite, thank You, Lord.

It's amazing what a difference Bible study, prayer, good friends, sunny days, help from others, and baked goods can make!! :-)

Ah, the joy returns!

I think I've mentioned before that I really need my sunshine. I need fresh air and exercise or I start to feel ICK. Fred has been helping me get my daily dose. We have been working, off and on, on the play set. The weather is slowing us down considerably, but at least the kids have the tower, slide, and monkey bars so far. And don't forget dirt...actually MUD, thanks to all the rain.

The good thing about solid white clothes is that they can be bleached!!

Fred covered our wood when it started to rain, so after the showers cleared up, we went out and cooked over the firepit. Ahhh...fresh crisp air. So nice.

We've also taken up shooting hoops again. We take turns shooting and holding Oliver. Isabelle is getting quite good, too!! She's very proud of herself for making several hard shots, and she wants to try basketball camp this year. We've done Tball and soccer in the past, so this will be something neat and new.

Even if I can't get outside, it's nice to just leave the house when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Today we went to a post office field trip, then out to lunch with a friend (thank goodness for those free pizzas through Book It!), then had them come back here. After that our college grad student came to meet with Isabelle and then I went shopping. Somehow 10 hours of activity was very refreshing for me. :-)

Here's Ethan's attempt at taking a picture of us at the post office. Heh heh. It actually turned out strangely interesting. I'm not sure what on earth the kid did...

Tomorrow is a big day. My baby turns 1. ONE-year old. I can hardly believe it. I spent my spare seconds today just studying his little face: the wispy blond hair that is starting to curl in the back, his beautiful clear blue eyes, those chipmunk cheeks that everyone wants to pinch. The way he smiles, reaching up for my face when he's nursing. Oh...and the smell. He smells like the Shea Butter baby wash that I use on him. I just want to inhale it and keep that scent in my lungs. This baby is just the happiest cuddliest most adorable infant in the world, (not that I'm partial or anything.) I can't believe a whole year has passed.


The Shan said...

Glad you're feeling better! Kisses for sweet babies! Muah! They DO smell so delicious. :)

Ann-Marie said...

Awww...sweet baby face - I just mentally pinched his cheeks through my screen! I love how babies smell - so much that now I choose to smell like one. :-)

Rhinehart Land said...

HAPPY B-day OLIVER! :) He is just the cuttest, all your sweet children are! I too, can relate to NEEDING sunshine! Eventhough it rained last night, we had the windows open and the lamps on and we just enjoyed the breeze and smell of rain. April showers bring may flowers??? I think it brings muddy fun and anxious moms! LOL
Glad you are feeling better. I got off track with my bible studies and took comfort in knowing I am not the only one. God does give us those opportunities to come back to him, and if we don't he shows us JUST why we need to be in his presence. :) Big hugs and kisses to your family! :) Thanks for always being so open and encouraging!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is one! Happy b-day to him... Esteban is 17 today. No where near as cute =)

Jennifer P. said...

A big project sounds wonderful! i have pruned and trimmed and raked everything i can outdoors, and am now just looking around wondering what to do next. I --like you-- feel sooo much better when I've been busy outside for a few hours.

Loved reading through your past posts and gaining a little inspiration. I am up against some pretty hard stuff right now--stuff you don't really want to blog about--but know that you've helped a ton. I'll for sure be calling on a few of my friends to pray for me too.

Give that baby's sweet pudding cheeks a little squeeze for me too--and wish him a Happy 1st Birthday ;)!

Best to you!

Mandy said...

Oh happy birthday little guy! I'm inhaling baby smell around here like crazy too, knowing it will be gone so so soon. :(

I need sunshine and exercise to be sane myself. Truly. If I can't get out and go for a jog or find time to just pop in an exercise dvd at home several days a week, I really can feel a difference in my entire mood and attitude. And, as always, Bible study and sincere prayer and time with God always puts me back where I should be. I wonder what America's health care system would look like if doctors gave out rx's of Bible reading and exercise instead of pills and more pills... *tee hee*

My cup runneth over... said...

I've had fun exploring your blog. Wow, you are creative!

Cute, cute kiddos. Congrats on Baby's First Birthday. Precious!

I feel your for your girl, wanting a sister so badly. That's a heartbreaker.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!= )

WendyJanelle said...

Sooo, Ann-Marie, you still haven't run out of your baby fresh deodorant??

Wow-- prescriptions for Bible reading and exercise instead of pills. Mandy, I think you are on to something!!