Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Boys and Rednecks

Yesterday I started a load of the boys' jeans. I was in a hurry, busy as usual, and I had my mind on other things. I'm very careful about checking Fred's pockets now, after accidentally washing a paycheck a couple years ago!!

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I neglected to check pockets. When the load was ready to transfer, I was met with green covered, strong-smelling wet jeans. Ethan had apparently filled his pockets to full capacity with wild green onions. How did I miss that?!

I had to get everything out, then scoop the green stuff from the bottom of the washer, and proceed to pick each green strand out of the pants.

Anyway, on to other matters. When Fred got home from work today, he announced "We're havin' fish tonight!"
Fine by me. I marinated salmon, tilipia, and catfish, for a fish sampler platter. And I prepared homemade seasoned steak fries. Everything was set to go, when Fred discovered he was out of charcoal. Being the creative geniuses that we are (heh), we rigged up out firepit to cook the fries and then fish.

Yes, that's a leftover part of our fence, with the grill rack on top.

You know you're a redneck when...


The Shan said...

Yum! Well, Ok I don't eat fish, but sometimes it looks good on a MacGuyver(sp?) type makeshift outdoor grill. ;) Ahhh, the fun of Springtime.
And Wendy, my oldest boy did that same thing with green onions a couple of years ago!! How funny. I had to wash the whole load multiple times after I baked in the delicious oniony flavorings. Peuuw!
And the husbands of course are just grown up versions. I washed and dried Jamey's computer USB chip thingy last night. It still works fortunately.

Ann-Marie said...

What a cute little boy story - at least it wasn't a live frog! :-) We've laundered over $100 before by accident!

I'm with "the shan" on the fish thing, but it brought to mind the wonderful outdoor smell of grilling - and reawakened my tiny summer appreciation gene! Thanks!

Jerri Dalrymple said... that looks like our make-shift grill, anyway...hmmm...thought we were just "thrifty" LOL! Guess we REALLY ARE REDNECKS! Was there ever any question, really? :0P

Mimi and Papaw said...

Wendy, the summer we rented a house in Seattle, Washington I had a situation with laundry. The back , back yard had lots of berry bushes and lots and lots of little garden snakes--not dangerous, but I am so afraid of snakes. I also checked the pockets of jeans before washing as I had ended up with rocks, cookies and other things in the wash. Well, the washing machine was in the garage and I picked up a pair of jeans with bulging pockets that belonged to Timothy and reached in to come out with a handful of little green snakes. I screamed and threw the jeans and the snakes across the garage floor. Then I ran in the house and found the guilty lad and made him take the jeans to the garden, empty the pockets, then go through all the pockets of the rest of the laundry as I wasn't sure what else might be in pockets. Nothing else appeared--but I think all mothers have some of these experiences. It is amazing how something we miss doing can cause so much extra work, and yet it happens to all of us--and maybe when you are 70--like me--you can laugh about all the joys of raising children!!!!

WendyJanelle said...

snakes?? SNAKES?!
I consider myself lucky!

WendyJanelle said...

And, The Shan, I can't believe the USB thingy still worked!! --WOW. God was lookin' out for you.

Angela said...

Oh I know what you mean about checking pockets....LOL. The fish looks yummy!

Dionna said...

Thanks for your comment on low-fat foods. I'm glad I hit a nerve - I think you should do a series of articles on it complete with good "on the shelf" products to buy in the store. I need some help! :)

Simply Stork said...

I was standing in our bathroom (when my boys were quite small) and I saw a big "mold" spot so I ran to get the spray...just as I was about to spray moved...eeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkk!

It was a frog my son had in his pocket and when he was asked about it...he said he thought it was still in his pocket...It could have been worse...It could have been a snake :o)


WomensDaily said...

Omg the washer must stink after that lol