Saturday, April 12, 2008

Givin' the man a shiner

When I get sick, it really does give Fred a chance to shine. Not so much yesterday, because he hadn't properly gotten into his sympathetic grove. It's amazing how fast a house can fall apart when Mommy is sick.

But today he came through with flying colors. I woke up at 9am!! Yes, be shocked. Even more shocking: Trevor slept in that long, too!!! Unheard of.

I came out to ....a clean living room, dishes done, kids dressed, and breakfast for me and Trevor waiting in the microwave! I'm impressed! He even put the things I like on my plate: eggs and potatoes, but no sausage...and extra sausage on Trev's plate. :-0

Sometimes I really believe I'm brought to my knees in an area so someone else can get a shiner day. :-)

I've always wondered why I get sick and Fred doesn't. I eat healthy foods almost all the time. I exercise, take vitamins, brush my teeth a lot, drink lots of water, you name it. But Fred, oh Fred, he thinks fried foods are a food group by themselves. Granted, he's getting better, but he still doesn't eat salad (as in NEVER in 11 years), or take vitamins or anything that "drastic," bless his heart (seriously, pray for his heart!)

I am thankful he is well. Things might not be up to my regular standards right now, but he sure is trying!! And when a man tries that hard, I can overlook all other messes. (Oh, and he is also staying home from poker today to help me. That is huge. Huge, I tell you.)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I hope you love him even more for it later...when he's ceased to shine for a second.... I'm glad he let you rest! And I'm glad you seem to be feeling better... and while I'm thinking of it... just imagine how "healthy" you'd be if you DIDN'T take such good care of yourself!?!

Adelia said...

Husbands are so great...but what I'm really excited about...that bookshelf!!! How fantastic!

WendyJanelle said...

Hahaha! Yeah, I was pretty excited to find that, too! I'm glad you are getting a kick out of it. :-)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

*Laughing about asking us to pray for his heart because I've been there*

He is a keeper!