Sunday, July 19, 2009

First "official" sale

Okay, I've made a few sales, but my first "official sale," (read: not family or close friends) was today. I thought the lace apron would go first, but it was this one:Love this fabric!
It's always exciting, yet scary to try something new.
Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. :-)


Shelley said...

Wendy--this is absosmurfly WONDERFUL! You are a creative inspiration to me. Way to put your gifts out there. Gorgeous picture of you too.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Shelley? Shelley in Tulsa? Shelley N? Shelley my cousin?

At any rate, thanks! Always happy to be an inspiration.

Actually, that picture is of Julie, not me. But apparently we look SO much alike, that I can now use her for my public profile. Why bother working out or eating right, when I can just have Julie represent me? Heehee ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOO-HOO for you! Congrats on your 1st official sale, Mrs. Entrepreneur!

- S.D.

Arato Girl said...

I'm not surprised you've sold one already. I'd want to buy one even if I didn't know you! As the word spreads and you're up on Etsy longer, I bet you'll get more and more sales. Love ya!

Simply Stork said...

lovely fabric...I really like it alot :o)


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Thanks, thanks, and thanks! I finished four more aprons and a purse tonight.
Yeah, I usually spend one evening just cutting out my patterns (ideas, whatever,) then the next night for embroidering the details, and the next night for machine sewing. I'm excited!! My model will get to work tomorrow, and then I'll list them. :-)

Ann-Marie said...

First sale! Wow! Congratulations - you are on your way to becoming a master crafter - aw, who are we kidding? You're already there! I'm SO proud of you - praying this new business venture is a HUGE success! Keep us updated!