Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fishing with their daddy

I know I skipped right over Father's Day. It's not that I didn't have a lot to say but, rather, that I have so much to say every day about my husband, why limit it to just one time? We DID have a fabulous Father's Day, and even carried over the celebration into the following day.

This is the perfect example of what a wonderful father my husband is.

At 6am my man loaded up snacks, drinks, and three kids with their fishing poles. Off they went to conquer the pond.
Dash caught this fish by himself (and then wouldn't touch it, so Daddy held it up.)

Three generations

Nature Man reeled this baby in! It was about 2 feet long!
Fred also searched out "Nature Treasures" for them,
(documenting everything with the camera, to pacify me.)
They spotted this killdeer, with her eggs. W-o-w.

And this huge bullfrog.
The guy that lives on the pond told the kids all about the enormous snake that goes around swallowing up the frogs. Yikes.

The Artist with her catch.

When I was growing up, I took so many things for granted. We were so blessed, so taken care of and loved. My family spent "family time" together at every meal (yes, three home-cooked meals a day.) My Dad would interrupt his own work each night to help us on our homework. We built snowmen & went sledding in winter, went to water parks & on vacations each summer. Our holidays were spent together, focused on the things that really matter. Our day-to-day living was about family. I truly believed that every family was like mine.

As an adult, my eyes were opened to the other kinds of families out there. Unfortunately, I've met too many husbands and fathers who don't seem to care at all about their children. Never again will I take my own family for granted. My father is the best father I could ask for!! And my husband is such a spectacular daddy to my kids. I love you, guys!!

My man loves his children. And I love him all the more for it!!

I also have pictures from Silver Dollar City, the creeks, several birthday parties, and a visit to Fred's sister's house. More posts soon!


Leslie said...

All you would have to say is enormous snake, and I would have
been out of there!

My hubby and a friend went fishing Father's Day weekend too, sans kids. He had taken the kids to Cape May 2 weeks prior to go fishing though, so they got some Dad time. And he was home for Father's Day itself. We let him skip church that day (oh my!) so that he could sleep in while we were gone. He appreciated that!

Great pics! Blessings, Leslie

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Fred it a great daddy!

And I agree, we were blessed with the best dad ever!

Those fish are great! They look fake(um, that's a compliment or something)!

Awesome pic of the kildeer! Did I tell you a kildeer often tried to attack me when I was running a couple of years ago? She had her nest in a gravel area near our house and she was trying to protect it. I liked her, even though she tried to kill me numerous times.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...