Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy and Daddy doll crafting

Most days, I'll pick sunshine over rain, hands down. However, today has that "light feeling" with soft rain, clean air, gentle breeze. The kids and I cleaned out the van (in the rain, we have no garage,) and then just played for a few hours.

During quiet time (Little Lad is asleep, so it really is QUIET!) the kiddos played Starfall and I sewed next to them. I love the craft room set up!

Okay, I have no idea why this picture is sideways. I've tried it three times, and now I give up. Turn your head.
I'm making Mommy and Daddy dolls!
Daddy is done now. I sewed buttons onto his shirt, and made the undershirt out of real t-shirt fabric. And muscles!

I had to give him a hat, because his head looked soooo small. Maybe I didn't leave a wide enough seam allowance? I'll find a doll's cap soon, and then he'll look right!

When Little Lad woke up, he really stared hard. Then he simply said, "Daddy has a hat. And no fingers." Daddy doll got a hug from all of the kids. I'll make the doll of myself this weekend, most likely. (Then maybe they'll think twice about bickering, when Mommy-doll is watching!)
Tonight: dinner with my Mom and sisters. Tomorrow: Family zoo trip with my father-in-law, then Game Night at my sister's house after that. Saturday: our family game day! Great times!


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Hahhahahahha!! I looove the Fred doll!

We played in the rain, too. Yay for rain and mild weather!

Simply Stork said...

those are so funny! I love it :o)


(rain? we are a balmy 100* here in seattle, wa???)

sara's art house said...

How adorable!!!

Arato Girl said...

Fred looks just DARLING in that little hat.

I LOVE those kinds of rainy days. All the garden flowers look so happy, too. I took a walk with Ransom in the Baby Bjorn and an umbrella. He loved it. He stared down at the shining pavement until he just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore :)

b_dickey said...

hey is ther anyway if a piad you and sent you some supplys you could make a daddy doll for my son i have no sewing talent and the dolls that are out there to buy i'm not to keen on. yours turned out really cool. my hubby deploys soon and i would really like to have one.