Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dinner and a Song

On Thursday night, my sisters and I went out to eat with Mom. The next time you're at TGI Fridays, order the chicken and shrimp Cajun Alfredo. Mmmm.... the best!!
We get into laughing fits whenever we're together. You wouldn't know it now, but there were times, long ago, when Amy and I did NOT get along. I'm SO loving our adult friendship now.(The haircut is growing on me. At first I felt like I'd lost some horrendous bet with my hairdresser. However, I've discovered under-drying duck-tail-style, and it may just save "my look." Annnnyway...)

Julie and Mom, posing for the camera.
After the meal, we all split up. Amy and Julie went and did their "thang" at the mall. Mom and I drove straight to the bookstore to cuddle up in those massive chairs and read. For some reason, those chairs always bring back great childhood memories. I remember cold winter days, when everyone in our house would be snuggled in a chair with a blanket and a good book. The house was so quiet, but for the howling wind outside and the crackling fire. Good times then, and good times now.

On Friday we went to the zoo, bright and early, with my father-in-law. I have ZERO pictures. Yep, I left my camera in mom's car the night before. I did manage to swipe my FIL's camera, but he has the pictures now. *Whimper.*

On the bright side, my Mom discovered my camera in her car,
and took some beautiful shots of my sister that day.

So, Friday night (wow, that was only yesterday!) we went to Amy and Vu's house for GAME NIGHT. We do love our games. Fred and I arrived an hour early, by accident, so we spent some preciously sweet cuddly time with baby Ransom. I had no batteries at that time so, again, ZERO pictures. (Actually, little does Vu know, he'll find some on his camera pretty soon. Thanks, Vu!)

Enter Vu, with batteries. YEA!
Are you Reeeeeaaady?

We started with Apples to Apples and then Catch Phrase while we ate.
Then on to Lips, which is certainly picture-worthy.

Winding down... around midnight or so...
I have a bunch of awesomely hilarious videos! Here's the group gettin' down to Ace of Base! I'll upload the "manly songs" later!

Gotta love these folks!


sara's art house said...

Looks like fun!!!!

InSight said...

I will always be your babysitter for your game nights but next time I promise not to confuse the swim diapers with the overnight ones--oops. Love, Mommers

Arato Girl said...

Ha ha ha! Mom, you confused the swim diapers and overnight diapers? That's so cute!

I had such a great time with you guys at the restaurant and on game night. Jewels and I actually went to the mall before, though. Afterwards I dashed home to feed the boy and put him to bed :) I agree with Fred that we should make game night a monthly thing.