Thursday, August 6, 2009

Studying Picasso

The kids wanted to start school this week. "Officially," that is. They don't realize that the "fun worksheets" and journaling, field trips, reading have really been school-in-disguise.

They love their new desks.
But they wanted to work by me.
Of course.

So the new desks moved to the kitchen/ dining area.

The kids are happy.
I am happy.

We started our artist studies with Picasso (not really in the "plans," but why not? )

First the munchkins did some work in their art journals inspired by his Blue Period.

Then we worked for a day on the Rose Period. Next some cubism. Black Period to finish up.

We spent one afternoon working on portraits. When the pictures were complete and colored, we cut them apart, into triangles and squares (really any straight-line shapes,) keeping each feature together. Glue back together in an unusual way, on colored paper. Viola. Picasso art. (He really did use wallpaper scraps, newspapers, etc in his fine art...)

When everything is dry (off the top of the fridge,) then I'll take pictures!

The Artist tried out an interactive art designer, and enjoyed it. You can see her own Picasso-inspired creation here at Picassohead. Then try it out yourself!

Good Night!


sara's art house said...

Love the desks! Cute!

Amanda said...

We had 2 of those desks and gave them away when moved to a new town last year. What was I thinking? Now we do our work at the kitchen table, on the couch, or sometimes outside.

Thanks for the comment.