Thursday, August 27, 2009


New Definitions for the Wendy Dictionary:
egg-onomical (economical)
egg-static (ecstatic)
egg-citing (exciting)
egg-ology (ecology)

The kids were egg-static about using eggs in our earth demonstration today. Boil the egg and leave shell on. Cut in half. The shell of the egg is like the crust of the earth. The crust is actually a very narrow layer, only 5-22 miles in depth, which is even thinner by comparison than the shell is in proportion to the egg.

This "shell," or crust on the earth, is broken into plates that are in motion. Where these broken plates collide, there are earthquakes. Hot melted molten rock spews out of volcanoes. And where does the molten rock come from? From the upper and lower mantle (white part of the egg!) The mantle is about 1,780 feet deep and is made up of this molten rock. The yolk of the egg represents the inner and outer core. The outer core is made of molten iron, and the inner core of mostly nickel and iron, and is nearly a solid ball. The temperature of the core is estimated to be 11,000 degrees F, about the same temperature as the sun.
And God made all of this work just as it should: plates of earth, burning core and layers of molten rock, a crust of land and sea... and this earth is wrapped in the perfect blanket of atmosphere to support life.
How can anyone deny the existence of God?

Then, for snack time, we ate our "earths."
Heh heh. ;-)
Lo, and behold, after snack time we did some chicken-checking, and our new hen had laid her first egg!! EGG-citing, indeed!!! Nature Man (above, with egg yolk in hand) spotted it first. I reached in and picked up the newly-laid, still-warm egg and felt like a true country girl! Food doesn't get any fresher than this!

Here is our new egg, in the "Fresh-Egg-Coop" in our fridge. I'm gonna take Shan's advice, and pin-prick it, blow it out, eat the egg and decorate the shell to save! :-) We'll eat the egg with garden greens for a truly organic and fresh, home-grown meal. I feel Little Prairie fuzzy warmness creeping over me. :-)


Shanda said...

Wonderful illustration & yay for your egg!

Shan said...

The egg/earth illustration is so awesome. This is what puts the "so cool" in home school. :D

Glad you liked the egg idea. It looks so cute in the little cupboard.

sara's art house said...

Wonderful post!!!! I love the idea of the egg representing the earth. And cute little egg house in the fridge!!!!