Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayer Requests

Okay, I know I just grazed right over my whole art post.
Oh, well.
I have more important things going on now.

We have three specific things laying so heavily on us right now. We're lifting them up, and could use your help.

First, my younger sister broke her hand. The break apparently is very bad, and they've sent her to see an orthopedic. Rogers Orthopedics took her x-rays this afternoon, and they will get her in as quickly as they can and decide what to do. She was told today, by her first orthopedic, that she will likely have surgery to "file down" the bone and put screws in. He nonchalantly suggested that she might have permanent pain and other issues.
This will not be the case.
We are praying and (confident!) for a more hopeful second opinion!

Second, my Mimi (grandmother) is fighting pancreatic cancer. After surgery and chemo continuing into this year, she found out last week that she must start another round of chemotherapy. Today she was too sick to travel to Edmonds and undergo treatment. She is very nauseous, vomiting and is too weak to go. :-( Please pray for strength and relief!

Third, last Saturday a child that we know was in a burn accident. Sam is 9-years old. He was life flighted to Children's Hospital. He was severely burned on his right arm and his complete back. He thought to cover his face and it is more like a severe chemical peel and should be fine. Tuesday he went in for grafting. They only had to do two spots, one on his arm and just part of his back. The rest of the back they used biobrane, which is kind of like a saran wrap that helps regenerate new skin. Of course that is the preferred method. They went in to check it today and change the dressings. They did not get good news. None of the membrane took. The skin should have already started turning pink. It has not. They are going to give it until Monday and recheck. If it has not turned pink they will have to do more grafting on Wednesday. They will have to take skin from his stomach and calves.
So of course our God is a God of miracles and that is just what we are asking for! Please be in prayer for Sam and for his family.
(this last section is taken directly from a mutual friend's blog, keeping us updated.)
Pray PINK for Sam!

Please pray for these three requests!
Specifically, for pain (and other symptom) relief, wisdom for doctors, comfort for patients and families, HEALING!
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

Thank you.


Adelia said...

Oooooh! Definitely praying!

Charlie said...

I am praying too.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...


Shanda said...

I am agreeing in prayer with you for all three.

I absolutely LOVE your photo of "Nature Man and Papaw - baptism!" Precious that he was baptised by his Papaw!

Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures with the prayer requests - that made the reality hit home so much more. Praying for each of these dear people.

Dusti said...

Praying for these people.