Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sewing Tutus

Gueeeessss what I found? Amazing patterns for 5 cents each at my neighbor's sale. Can't beat that!!

Don't those guys, above, look like they should be in the old Dukes of Hazzard show or something? And do you see the Holly Hobbie Fashion patterns?? Oh my!
I've been gone a lot lately, and playing games with the kids when I have been home...
but then they go to sleep...
and I sew.

I'm into pretend play right now. Dash got a new cape and then I started whippin' out TUTUs!
Fairy Princess here designed one for herself before I made any to sell.
These poor guinea-pig-kids have to try all my stuff out.

Check out the ones for sale, at Nest in the Sun! Happy end-of-summer-crafting to you!


Suzanne ~ TheJoyfulChaos said...

LOVE the holly hobbie/ little house on the prairie ones!! and i love your tutus too!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

It's beautiful!