Monday, August 10, 2009

Where do the kids work?

I'm jumping in on Darcy's blog hop again!

Where do my kids do their school work?

We have a boys' room/ playroom/ school room, but the kids decided that they wanted to be "by me" all the time. My central location, for preparing snacks, meals, and gathering supplies is the kitchen (where else?) so we moved the school desks right in. As you can see, they love the new arrangement! Nature Man even hauls his blanket and pillow in! Yes, yes, I know they could just work at the kitchen table, and we did that for a long time when we first got started. I dislike moving things all the time, though (with the exception of decor!) It's nice to leave work out on the desks when we break for snacks and gather at the table. It's especially nice to slip the current work into the cubbies underneath when it's supper time.

This post shows the "before" photos of the homeschool room. It's been rearranged, and the massive collection of art & craft supplies has moved to the Craft Room now.

We also spend plenty of time playing folder games on the floor, and working outside, either at the picnic table or just on the driveway!

I've learned along the way that we all can LEARN anywhere and everywhere. The kids like their desks and that's great. They love to be outside, and that's even better. However, even if we had a one-room apartment, we could learn all we need to and more. It's more about the goal and direction than about the place. We have our curriculum and books, and it can go with us wherever we go!

We do what works for the day. We stick by our schedule of subjects, unless there is a good reason for interruption, but I don't have a problem with where we do the work. If the floor hasn't been swept, then I'll probably suggest the couch for books instead. I'm not superwoman.... and I'm not pretending to be.

For a long time I thought that we *needed* our extra room to learn. I believed I *needed* my house to always be "company-ready," and my kids to be clean. Yeah, I'm over that now. If you stop by, you may find me happily walking around with books, folders, papers stacked up on the counter and kids sprawled out all over the floor, completing their assignments. I'd like things to stay tidy, but it' s not going to be my top priority during school hours.

Finally I feel like I know where I'm going, exactly what I want for the kids, and I see the map laid out. The big picture is there, and I'm trusting God for the steps along the way.


Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing and have a blessed year!

sara's art house said...

Great post! I love that they learn everywhere- and that you moved the desks where it works!!!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I know what you mean about sharing the dining room table. I dont have space in my area, so I came up with these nice basket/bins. The kids are responsible for hauling them out and using them where ever. But when they are done with their work they just throw their stuff back in their baskets and put them back on the shelf where they go.

So now when they have their workbooks and pencil boxes on my dining room table and we need to clear it off for lunch or dinner they just toss stuff in their bins. This really helped a lot for us.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I like the desks in the kitchen~ours may end up there!
I agree with you, learning takes places anywhere and everywhere!

Shanda said...

Loved this post and I clicked over to your "Tired of Pretending" post too - I love it when people can let go of pretense and just "be!"

It is my very nature to try to have things orderly; but I've learned to not let it stop me if someone comes to my door and things aren't "perfect." I just invite them in for tea anyway! They may as well see that I don't have it "all together" from the beginning!

Kids can learn anywhere! Variety makes everything more interesting.

Ann-Marie said...

I want to be a student in the school of Wendy! Wow, it really looks amazing!

Cafe Mocha Momma said...

Isn't it freeing when we realize that true learning cannot be contained in a single room? Learning is not static, but fluid and needs space to flow! I'm with ya on the Superwoman thing. . .I gave up that cape a long time ago, around kid #4, I think! Thanks so much for sharing these juicy tidbits!

Mrs. C said...

Yep, learning can happen anywhere but peanut butter sandwiches cannot! :]

Gina said...

I love that perspective, even though we're just getting started on this homeschool adventure I know I've figured out that we don't have to be tied to a certain place to learn. It's more about a lifestyle of learning than anything else. And, there will be other seasons for clean and tidy...just not this one!

argsmommy said...

Love the picture of Nature Man at his desk -- talk about learning in comfort! Looks like you have a great homeschool.

Kellie @ Blue House Academy