Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Country Living in the Cottage

We're trying something new!!

My kids love animals. (All pictures were taken today!)
They love ALL creatures!
Me? I don't mind most animals. I even like some (not big dogs!!)
We have a fish that I am quite fond of.

But I L-O-V-E fresh yummy foods
(like these fresh-off-the-plant bell peppers, that are getting stuffed with yumminess....)
What's the best of both worlds?
The kids get new creatures to care for, and I get fresh eggs!!
Here's my hero, building the top of the coop. :-)

And, here are my ladies
(as a friend so sweetly put it, when she got her own chickens.)
Meet Lucy and Suzie.
You'd better believe that one of my aprons will be used solely
for the purpose of gathering seed and throwing it to my hens. Ahhhh....
My Father-in-law just bought some land adjacent to his property, and he plans to get cows in addition to his chickens soon. I'll have my "own" farm to visit, only 10 minutes away.
Photo credit: Goodall Artists


Arato Girl said...

It's so great how you've taught your kids to love and appreciate animals. I love all of those pics. The one with T-man and the kitten is really too cute.

I love good food, too. I've been so in the mood to bake a cake. I'll have to do it when I'm expecting lots of guests, though, since I'm watching the calories!

I hope your "ladies" give you lots of eggs and no trouble!

sara's art house said...

That is so neat! Great way for your kids to grow up. Can't wait to see you in your apron throwing seed :)

Shanda said...

Congratulations on your new "ladies!" Fresh eggs are such a gift. Kids learn (we all do really) so much by spending time with animals.