Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What we're using this year for 4th, 2nd, and pre-K

Darcy is hosting a NOT Back to School Blog Hop during the month of August.

Each week it will focus on one area of preparing your homeschool for NOT Back to School. This week I get to share with you what we are planning to use for our "curriculum."

As with my decorating, crafts, sewing, and reading, my curriculum is very eclectic.

The Artist is in 4th grade this year, The Nature Man will be in 2nd, Dash is pre-K, and Little Lad is 2-years old.

We do many subjects together; short versions for the little ones and more expanded & detailed for the older kids.

1. Bible
2. Copywork
  • Same books they used last year. I'll dig them out of their desks and look later. ;-)
  • They each also copy their memory verse.

3. Grammar & Phonics
4. Spelling
  • Both of the older kids use Spelling Power
  • They regularly do crosswords and other games which help, too.

5. History
  • Timeline projects
  • Lapbooks
  • In past years, our history has consisted of the Bible, Story of the World, and biographies. I plan to keep this up, but I want to add more context, & in-depth studies. Cultural Literacy has influenced my thinking!
6. Math7. Memory Work
  • Goes along with the Bible portions that we are reading that week. Dash memorizes short sections, and we add more on for the older kids.

8. Science
  • The Artist will also be participating in the science co-op classes every Wednesday.

9. Geography
Honestly, I'm not sure which route we'll take this year. It's a decision I should have made weeks (months?) ago. I have several resources to choose from, thankfully.

10. Mind Benders, Analogies and more. These were books from the K12 academy.

Extracurricular, some might say:

  • The Artist and Nature Man both play very well, thanks to my Dad!! The kids even taught my husband to play!

Art Studies
  • We do art every day. I love it. How can we live without art? Every late afternoon, to relax, we draw, paint, modge podge, sew, or whatever else might be "in the air" for the day. They also brainstorm and sketch out ideas for the shop (I'd count this as sewing, business, and math... they help with measurements, fees, etc.)
  • I'll be helping with the Homeschool co-op art appreciation class. It's for older kids, but I intend to bring the ideas and lessons home to use!
  • Come Look with Me books
Music Studies
  • The Artist and Nature Man are both starting piano this year.
  • We'll continue doing Hymns for a Kid's Heart. I have both books + cds, and we work through them every year. Love 'em!
  • First year to be part of a homeschool ballet group.
Boy Scouts
  • Nature Man can't live without it.
Creative Writing
  • My Mom is an English major. My youngest sister is also an English major (with an emphasis in Creative Writing.) Mom and Amy give art and writing lessons to the kids. Writing is in our blood, just like art.
  • We do notebooking, with prompts.

  • The Artist already types faster (and with better accuracy) than I do. Nature Man will start typing sometime this year. We use Typing Web, which is completely free.
Field TripsClassics
  • Daddy reads these, at night before bed.
  • I read the Little House books during quiet afternoon time.
Young Authors
  • We've loved this in the past. We fumbled at the end of our last year, but we'll get them completed this time around!!

*We also recently bought Explode the Code, but I'm not sure how I plan to work this in yet...

**We may be the only homeschoolers ever that are NOT studying Latin. Ahem. In due time.

***edit: We also do occasional Spanish lessons!! Sorry, Mom, I just forgot! Soon they'll be speaking Spanish to October and Nancy (and maybe they'll even teach me some!)

It may seem like a lot, but we're really very laid back. We often take all of our books outside to work at the picnic table, when the cooler weather settles in. We don't do all of this every day either. It's going to be an adjustment this year to have co-op classes, piano, boy scouts, and ballet every week. In fact, the mere idea of that already stresses me a bit. The biggest hindrance to our schedule last year was OVERactivity.

Oh, these poor over-socialized homeschoolers!

I've also been very blessed with lots of resources. Frankly, we're poor. I'm not going to moan and groan about finances on here, but let's just say that we make it by the grace of God. I'm so grateful to be home with my kids. Our fabulous books have come almost entirely from family and friends. When we do buy *new* things, we get them used from a homeschool loop. When we are finished with something, we resell it to purchase new supplies. It's entirely possible to have amazing resources, if you purchase carefully. And use your libraries!


InSight said...

I love your curriculum but you forgot the occasional Spanish lessons. Maybe they shouldn't have been so occasional. Love, Mommers

Shanda said...

Your curriculum looks wonderful! Oh how I wish art came so naturally to me! We prayerfully consider homeschooling every year; but we are blessed with an amazing Christian school where we live right now...maybe one day! If so, I know who to "call!"

Cafe Mocha Momma said...

Since I am unquestionably artistically-challenged, would it be possible to send my guys over to your place for a weekly art lesson? Seriously, that has always been a depressingly weak spot in our studies. Any ideas or tips for a gentle intro for my guys?

Heather said...

Art... oh, how I wish it came naturally to me! I'm sad to confess that it never really happens around here, at least not in the capacity it deserves. Thankfully, my boys have wonderful teacher in our co-op so they'll get, at the minimum, one wonderful lesson a week :) I really should make it a goal, though, to bump things up in that department around here-- I think we'd *all* enjoy the process and the results!

Thanks for the encouragement, and best of luck w/ your new year... you have a great line-up!

Ms Debbie said...

Wow... your oganization amazes me. Lucky kids to have a mom like you!

Adelia said...

Isn't it exciting to start planning your year! I already have the first month's plans!! Including art/crafts, music, lapbooks, recipes and other what have you's.

It does seem like a lot but you are homeschooling several kids now. I guess it comes with the territory.

Do you like Teach You Child To Read...I didn't like it much. I don't think I'm going to need it with Alex anyway. I think we're going a different direction with him.

Anyway, happy homeschooling, friend.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I'm just now getting around to leaving a comment~goodness!
Looks like a wonderful year planned, and I see many things we have in commen. I look forward to reading about your year in the months to come!

Dusti said...

Thank you for sharing all that you have planned. Looks like you have a wealth of resources to help you ie. family that is supportive. Praise God that is a huge blessing!

Cindy said...

You're right, are curriculum lists are similar! Even funnier, a lot of the younger things you're using I used, too! LOL

Certainly you can follow my composer schedule! I post it in hopes that it can help someone!

Many blessings on your school year!

Samantha said...

Thank you! I need all of the support I can get in this new adventure!

Giggly Girls said...

Sounds like a fun year! I just love curriculum!!!

Ruthanne said...

I love art, too! Although I would say what we do is more crafty than artsy.

I've used a lot of what you've mentioned - love Leading Little Ones to God!

I live in Arkansas, too!

Gina said...

It sounds like an amazing year ahead for you! And thanks for your advice-I'll take all I can get right now! Homeschooling does seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be and above it we should find joy in it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

Marilena said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I checked out your Etsy shop and I LOVE your aprons!! I have a thing for cute aprons :) I dabbled a bit in sewing last year but I had to borrow a friend's machine. Lord willing, I'm going to buy a machine off of craigslist (we're pretty poor around here too...) I really want to make some aprons and I love skirts too. My mom is a seamstress but, I'm sad to say, I never learned how to sew from her...now I live in Arizona and she's in Michigan so it's a little hard to get lessons. Have a blessed homeschool year!

Linda said...

Looks like you've got a great school year planned, Wendy.
My older daughter, 21, married a man that was homeschooled also. So I'm looking forward to second generation homeschooled grandchildred. :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!