Friday, August 14, 2009

Prayers being answered!

About a week ago, I asked you to pray for my sister, my Mimi, and a family friend.

Prayer are being answered. Obviously, prayer is still needed, too!

My sister had surgery yesterday. They ended up having to go through tendons, re-break her hand and then set it. She had a metal plate and screws put in. When the doctor talked to my Mom, he said that the surgery was successful and Julie should make a full recovery, although it will be very painful for awhile.

(Me, Amy and baby Ransom, Julie)

Mimi went in for her chemo again yesterday. Papaw wrote, "The blood work remains stable and OK, but Mimi was dehydrated from throwing up so much. In addition to the
anti-nausea medicine she is already taking, he prescribed reglan to 'stimulate more rapid emptying of the stomach.'

Before beginning the chemo today, they hydrated her through her port and within a little while her color was improved and she obviously was feeling better.

One 'slightly encouraging' 'sign' is that the pain has eased a bit so that Mimi is taking very little oxycodone now. (She takes some tylenol as needed.) The reason I say 'slightly encouraging' is that it might mean that the Gemzar Chemo is working somewhat against the tumor. But that evidence is too slight and too soon to really tell us much. But maybe. . . ."

(My four and Mimi)

"Sam update - another good day!! He got up four times today, although exhausted quickly (which frustrates him) - but seeing improvement! They will check him in the morning to confirm they only need to graft two spots on Monday - pray that there aren't more, and they come away amazed at his progress!" -(posted by a friend, and re-posted here)


Charlie said...

Thanks for the update. Still praying.

sara's art house said...

Awwww- cute pictures! I will pray!