Thursday, July 9, 2009

Explore the New Shop!

In case you didn't notice the mini-shop on the right, LOOK. :-) Yep, I went and took the plunge. I'm now an Etsy shop owner.

To answer the first likely question: the beautiful model is my sister.

In anticipation of the next question: When do I get time to sew? Generally when I should be sleeping instead. Or during quiet afternoon time.

I need to create. Actually, I feel this tug more often than I recognize hunger pangs.

Enjoy. Buy. Get inspired. :-)


Trish said...

That's super!! So proud of you for getting this going. Be sure to let us know when and what your first sale is... I think it will be the lace one.

sara's art house said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have the need to create as well and the house can go dirty- Mama's got to paint (or sew, or decorate :)

I can't wait to look through your shop! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

ummm - i don't see ANYTHING on the right of your it just me, or where did everything go??


Anonymous said...

ok - it's there after a refresh - i'll blame it on cox - ha!


Elizabeth Haught said...

Hey Wendy. Cut aprons! YOur sister is a lovely model and you are a wonderful photographer, sewer, blogger, the list goes on and on. So glad you are able to find great outlets for your creativity!