Friday, June 3, 2011

Bingo Night

When I was a kid, one of my absolute favorite things was Family Game Night. Once a week, usually on Saturday nights, we reserved the evening for games. My favorites were Scrabble, Boggle, and Scotland Yard.
Fred grew up in a very different environment-- in fact, you could say it was an opposite environment. His parents (and their parents before them) did not play games. They did not throw birthday parties for their kids. Or take hiking/ camping trips...or vacations. They did not read to their kids, or help them with homework. they weren't really affectionate-- not many hugs and kisses. Not much building up. Now, don't get me wrong. His folks love him. They just didn't really know how to say it or show it. Like I said, this was a generational thing. How does a child learn to show love if they were never shown any? Fred's mom especially wanted to express it, but I believe she just didn't really know what to do with the kids.
Anyway, when I think about this, it astounds me that my husband turned out the way he did. He is kind. Gentle. He loves babies and kids. He loves animals. We are very different, yes, and there were definite areas that weren't quite developed (as we all have) but he's come so far... he's learned to talk through things, show and say how he feels. He spends time with his kids. A lot of time.
When he married into my family, he had his first ever birthday party. First ever. He went to the dentist for the first time (no cavities!) He went on his first vacation (WA and Canada.) And he fell in love with games.
Every day we let the kids watch a show at 6pm. I'm a stickler about tv most of the time. If Fred decides to watch Man vs Wild with the kids, fine. I don't call all the shots, and if it's even going to be semi-educational, then I go with the flow. But we don't let them just veg out all evening in front of the tube. If it's nice outside, they should be out there.
We have dinner at about 5/5:30, then show at 6pm, then a quick bath and stories. Little boys are in bed with lights out by 7:20. (Things change a bit on gymnastics nights.) Then we play games with the older kids until our 3rd grader goes to bed at 8:30.
Most of the time it's Apples to Apples, Sequence, Pounce, Boggle, or Rummikub.
About once or twice a week, my Papaw also comes to play games-- first Pounce with the kids, and then Hearts with just Fred and me.
Lately we've been playing phonics Bingo with all the kids. And they all enjoy it. :)

I'm looking for some other game ideas. We have limited money, but I'm planning to save, search, buy, and put things up for birthdays, as I'm able.
Any suggestions? I've heard that Five Crowns is great, but none of us have played it.
Did you grow up playing games? Do you do it now?
I was blessed with such a wonderful childhood, and I want to give me kids the same kind of memories!


michelle edwards joy said...

Rummikub is our most favorite game and of course uno.

Rebecca said...

We love 5 Crowns and Quiddler (a game that teaches spelling). Uno and Sequence and Racko...there are so many that younger ones can understand. :)