Thursday, November 17, 2011

Draw Trees

More than anything, I'm trying to show my kids that there isn't one "right way." A tree can be as simple as one or two lines, or as complex as paisley and swirl patterns dancing through an autumn wind. My kids are free to cut apart their copies, add to them, or simply glance at it and come up with their own designs.

It's simply a prompt:

Draw a tree. Here are just a few ideas, from millions, that you could take inspiration from...
Feel free to save, print, use (just give credit please, thanks!)

Hang on to these babies and maybe I'll make you rich someday. Heh heh

Here's hoping.

I'd love-- really love-- to publish a children's art book....someday... :)


michelle edwards joy said...

I would buy your book!

Wendy said...

Michelle, you have no idea how much that comment means to me. :) It's my dream!

Brenda said...

great idea! I am going to add and use this for my art in nature classes coming up, thanks love your site, new follower from

gkgirl said...

love this!

Elizabeth McInnes said...

I hope you do publish a book one day, you are really clever Wendy. :) I would buy it too.