Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bathroom Mural

As usual, I'm as behind on regular blogging as I am on laundry. This time, though, I have a great excuse. We were out of town for several days, visiting Fred's extended family in North Central Arkansas and Missouri. Great mini trip! Sometimes the short trips are the best; Just when you start missing home, you're headed right back there. :)
After unpacking the van, washing the mountain of clothes, and catching up on other miscellaneous chores, the Painting Bug came out of no where and bit me.
And so, I painted. And painted. And painted some more.
First, a mural on Oldest Boy's wall. It was actually started over 6 months ago, but winter sapped my motivation. I'm waiting until I can get to the store and buy a bright orange to finished it up, and then I'll post pics.
(I'm a messy painter!!)
Because I NEEDED to paint, and couldn't finish the first mural, I started on a second one, in the bathroom:

 Meet Cuckoo.
 More paint, more paint, some finger swirling, paint mixing fun...
 I could paint all day, every day...
 ta da! Cuckoo is complete!


Jean Willis said...

Awesome! You're so talented!

Jenny said...

I love this! That deadpan look though - I think I see that every morning at my house when I look in the mirror. It is so hard to be nice in the mornings.

Don't tell but if he were in my bathroom I'd be talking to him every morning. lol

ThePaintedPisces said...

I love it when the painting bug comes out and bites when you're not expecting it! So freeing!

Mom of 5 said...

That will have to just make you smile every morning getting up!! LOVE that OWL! ;)