Saturday, July 7, 2012

If I had to choose...

We just returned from an amazing week-long vacation on Port Aransas, TX. Looooove those soft sandy, beautiful beaches. I need to write about how we managed this vacay, on our meager income, but laundry and other chores are calling my name. Soon. Very soon. 
For now, some photos... 
This beautiful child was made for the sea. She has a mermaidy quality about her, wouldn't you say?
Below, my Youngest arriving at the beach. Yeah. He was excited!

Below, My marvelous traveling crew!

 As much as I adore the beach, we all started to ache for home towards the end of the trip. Sometimes being away from all you know helps you appreciate it all the more.
My lovely Arkansas is full of rolling hills, leafy trees, caves & streams, bike paths & hiking trails.
So much of what I love.
We did a lot of talking on this trip, about what our plans would be. Would we move or stay? Where did we really want to live? What was the right timing? And, though we initially felt geared up to move to TX right away, we've realized that the climate and beauty of THIS area we're in is too great to leave behind. I don't do AR winters well, but the rest of the year here is amazing (dismiss the crazy drought we're in right now.)
To be honest, I was trying to run FROM things I have to deal with here, rather than TO any amazing plan for our family.
The solution is to deal with the issues (far harder than moving several states away!) So just keep that in your prayers. I'm sure most people can relate to a family relationship that is so strained, so stressful, that the flight reaction kicks in every time.
All that to say, we're staying put for the time being. And I am determined to make the most of my time in this amazing state, with my amazing husband and kids, in our amazing cottage, with my amazing friends. Let the good times roll. :D


Jenny said...

Sometimes getting away can really help you sort through things. We have acted like we're on vacation when we can't go away for one - no one goes to work, no one cooks, lots of eating out, sleeping late & no answering the phone. It is so refreshing!

I see a very big similarity to Calvin in that second pic. :o) Now that I think about it, his personality is quite a bit like Calvin's too. lol he just needs a striped cat to tag along with him. (I assume you're familiar with the cartoon Calvin & Hobbs? One of our favorites.)

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love your heart and your truthfulness with yourself. I kinda want to run away too. And where better than the beach? So glad that you are facing your problems. I need some of your courage now. :)

Wendy said...

Jenny!-- haha, did you know our cat's name is Calvin? ;)
Yes, my Youngest is quite the drama king!
At-home vacations sound like such a good idea. We'll have to try that later this year. Generally, we can only muster the funds for a road trip every few years, so I need back-up plans!

Suzanne- Courage is so hard to come by. And, really, there's only so much a person can do-- I can control MY responses, MY time, MY thoughts, but that won't/can't stop anyone else from doing something mean/stupid to disrupt others' lives. Soooo, I'm focusing on my part, and praying for God's peace and wisdom...praying for calm in my heart and home, in the middle of whatever may rage outside.

Soaring High said...

Beautiful pictures and I can't wait to hear how you made the trip possible.
Courage is something we all need. Sometimes it's a painful path to take though because rage feels so much easier.