Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mud Buddies

I'm so blessed to have sisters who live nearby, and have kids around the same ages as my kids. We get together all.the.time, and the cousins have built-in best friends with them.

On Friday, we took the bunch to Jump Zone, the Splash Park, Compton Gardens. A day or so before that, we took them all to a park for a picnic and what ended up being a play-in-the-rain adventure, and then mud fight.

These are the things memories are made of-- mud balls, bare feet, rainy adventures, and splashing delights.

In case you didn't know... I am, most certianly, an Instagrammer ;)

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Jenny said...

I love these!

We used to set up a water slide in our back yard for Joel & his friends when he was small. When the boys were teens & too big for the little water slides you buy - they built out of a tarp & the sprinklers. They set up the mud slide every summer, made a huge ditch down the back yard with a mud puddle at the end.

It was sure fun watching our little boys slide on the water slide but watching big tough teen boys slide in the mud is one of my favorite growing up memories. :o)