Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Craftiness-and-Outings Week

First things first. In case you haven't noticed (or you're reading in a feeder,) there's a rather extensive list of projects and crafts on the left sidebar. Not all of them come with directions or tutorials, but it could give you some more ideas for homemade gifts.

Now, back to business.

After I saw this idea, I've been aching to make my own. Alas, the WMart here no longer has a fabric department, and I forget to grab vinyl when I'm out of town. So, out of sheer desperation (the craftiness was about to explode within me) I grabbed my make-up clutches.

...and filled it with stuff. The example one used poly beads. Because I don't have poly beads on hand, I used everything from rice to sequins to beads.

Next the kids helped me gather itty-bitty things to "hide" inside. Make your list before you put the stuff in!!

The make-up clutches already have velcro, so a covering was super easy. I just cut fabric the right size, hemmed, attached velcro, and put it around.

For hard-to-find objects (or younger kids,) just remove velcro covering. :-)

Next up:

This week Dash has been working in his 3-D alphabet border.

No, it's not really a gift idea, but it is a fun pre-K activity!

A is for Art, B is for Beads

C is for Cinnamon, D is for Dog food

E is for Elbow macaroni, F is for FeathersG is for Glitter

Of course, if you already have glitter out, it's best to make good use of it. Dash painted sparkly Christmas trees while the older kids worked on their Altered Art projects. More about that soon.
Did I mention that our skeleton dude is getting fleshed out? ;-) Well, we haven't really added the skin yet, but we're getting closer.

Now, about last weekend.

It was great. My folks gave us a hotel stay for our anniversary. We went on up to Branson with them, to the Landing, Bass Pro Shop, and Silver Dollar City for two days. Fabulous weather the whole time!!
The following pictures will be out of order. Just go with it.

Dash and Little Lad went up on stage to be a part of the live Frosty performance. It was great. How many Christian Frosty plays have you seen?

The beautiful hotel pool. My kids swim like fish! Dash, Mr. Fearless Preschooler... Roller Coasters at SDC. I don't know how Fred does it. Or why he even wants to. Ick.
Another of the beautiful swimming pool room. Love it!
And here is the HUGE Christmas tree at SDC. Little Lad is asleep in that stroller to the left. :-)

The light show was absolutely amazing.
Pool again. Had to get the other kids and my handsome man in a water picture!
Fountains at the Landing.
Last but not least, the Living Nativity was fabulous. We had front-row seats-- spitting distance of the singers. Just made me want to cry... so real. Jesus was a real person; t's not just Bible "stories." He came here as a baby; defenseless in that form, helpless, completely willing. He was innocent all his life, but yet allowed himself to be murdered for our benefit. This is what Christmas is about. The Ultimate Gift of Love.


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Ahh, how fun Silver Dollar city looks! Owen keeps asking when we're going to go again.

Love all the projects you guys have been doing!

sara's art house said...

Wow- fun! And great pictures too.