Monday, November 2, 2009

What do we teach pirates in school?

The 3 AAARRRs ...
This Halloween, we had two pirates, one Darth Vader, and one dinosaur (who became a jester later in the night.)
We took them to my parents house, several church functions, and two neighborhoods. It was the perfect night for trick-or-treating!

(Julie already posted this, so I'm stealing hers rather than doing my own...)
On Friday, we went to a Murder-Mystery Party called "A Taste For Wine and Murder." It was really fun! We all got dressed up as our assigned characters and showed up at the "Rottingrape Mansion" with our assigned food items and beverage of choice. We all really got into playing our parts; it was great.

Who killed Barry Underwood?

Was it....

Or perhaps...?

Or could it be...?

Or, possibly....?

That's what Detective Wizer (who hates mine but is quite fond of beer, or in this case Mt. Dew disguised as beer) and Bonny Lass, a novelist who's too curious for her own good, are trying to find out...

The plot thickens...are these people really what they seem?

One thing's for sure: someone here is the murderer

And I wouldn't put it past any of them...

But I'm not telling who....

I'm hooked! I want to do another one!

Me, too, Julie!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

You are KILLING me!!! LOL! Murder mystery parties are one of my most favorite things! They are such fun! The pictures you took are amazing! Next time I have one, be on the lookout for your invitation, Sweets! Lori

Trish said...

I did that murder mystery once!! I was Hedy Chablis!! It was a ton of fun!!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Ahh, Hedy "Chablis"--my character's name makes more sense now! I got the Hedy=heady part but not the Shablee part.

Everyone looks great in their costumes! Our kids would've had a blast trick-or-treating together. And of course Iz, O., and Scarlett would've been a great trio.

Hey, you and me could write a book of stupid pirate jokes! (-;