Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Kids' Valentine's Day Party

I'd say the kid's Valentine's Party was an organized yet chaotic success!

Some of the boxes and containers that kids brought were so creative!!

And I was pleasantly surprised that SO many moms volunteered to bring treats and drinks.
We have an amazingly helpful and encouraging group of ladies!

Seemed like all of the kids had a great time...
Felt button covers for every occasion.
I cut multi-colored hearts out of felt, with a small slit in the middle of each one, to fit easily over buttons. Works with zippers, show laces, barrettes...
"Sucker mouths"
I cut lips and mustaches out of felt and poked holes for the sucker-sticks to go through.

My Artist and Nature Man loved it. Dash and Little Lad decided to stay at my parents' house for a "special time."
Gosh, I love these kids.
Look at those lashes, beautiful freckles, the chapped lips, and thick brows. Artist-child, you are beautiful!

And my darling Nature Boy, with his big eyes that turn green-gray or green-blue depending on what he wears. Love that "beauty mark," the dark lashes, and a grin that only his parents realize is mischievous.
I love "doing things": parties, activities, ballet, co-op, you name it. But my time has gotten too short and I'm officially saying "no" to anything else that comes up. Hold me to that. We're busy enough, and I simply want to be home more to just look, listen, read and BE with these kids.

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Catherine Anne said...

We just got back from ours. I see you all had some children sitting down. Ours ran around the whole time. Great pics.