Monday, March 29, 2010

7 Spring Activities in 7 Hours

1. Count your chicks before they hatch
Write an upper case letter on one half of your eggs and the corresponding lower case letter on the other half. Separate and let the kids match them up. For younger kids, give them only one egg of each color at a time, for easier matching.
This was our only "indoor time" today; it kept the little people occupied while I loaded the schoolbooks and picnic basket.

(I love my BIG cup!)

2. Get your troops outside!

As far as my Oldest Boy, NatureMan, was concerned, this was the best recess in history. 3.Paint up Prettier Plates!

Each of the kids painted a wooden plate with a solid color. This took all of 2 minutes. When they dried (5 minutes, in the sun,) the kids used the end of a pencil dipped in paint to make dots. The ArtistChild and I added the stripes. More pictures of our plates here.
4. Search-and-Find worms

Do you see it?
I'm sure the boys were listening along to the history lesson at this point (cough, laugh)

5. Play in the moat.

Thanks to big brothers, we had more
Mud Fun today.

Yes, if we run out of mud, we just make more.
**Quick bath after that.**

6. Watch for airplanes

Rest, Make faces, and Repeat

7. Play with Fire
My man is a bit of a pyro.
Using the "new" plates we painted.
(The plates are covered with varnish, and we'll use glass plates over them when we eat.)
This picture looks so gross but, really, is it possible to ever make hot dogs and catsup look appealing?

This, my friends, was a splendid day. I have the sunburn to prove it.


Ms Debbie said...

I love it.. you are so inspiring !

sara's art house said...

How fun and creative and cute! I love the plates!!!!!

Cubarado said...

Wow, what great ideas! Thanks for sharing! ~j

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

beeeautiful crafts! The airplane pics of Oli are so funny! And great idea about the letters on the eggs (I've been meaning to do that since you mentioned it to me last week)

5minutemom said...

That mud picture is awesome! Thanks for sharing these

Shan said...

Wow De Dow! Gotta love this Spring weather!! I forget how dead inside Winter can make one feel. We need that sun!!
You are a dynamo.