Friday, March 12, 2010

Chalkboard Paint

I've been working on some mini-projects over here, like this book, this altered clock, and the embroidered pillow, but the need for a bigger project was starting to press on me.
I've been aching to grab some chalkboard paint, but refrained until my To-Do list was a bit shorter. Finally, after the Free Yard "Sale," we had enough purged to straighten the shed and attic, and organize the playroom/little boys' room. And, as a reward to myself, I bought the paint and got busy!
Side of kitchen counters

Little side bench for kids to place shoes
The playroom door
I did this (both coats) after the kids went to bed, as a surprise for them.)
I think they like it! It's covered in adorable drawings now. My Dash spent a good part of the afternoon on a stool, doodling on the upper part of the door. (On the left you can see Little Lad's small chalkboard mounted on the wall. He still prefers it.)
Now, I'm not one to waste paint. If there is still some on the roller, then something is getting a makeover! Sooo, I hunted out a few wooden toys with blank backs, like this angel and the house. Now the kiddos can use them to create their own masterpieces.

I also painted some of my kitchen cupboards, some wooden goblets, and a serving platter. My gosh, I LOVE this stuff!


sara's art house said...

Cute! All of it! The door is adorable and I am sure there will be many hours of fun there!!

Soaring High said...

These are great! I have planned to paint a section of the wall in the basement and the boys bedroom door in chalkboard paint. It's on my to-do list after I get our bathroom painted. Cute! Cute! Cute! you are so creative!

denise said...

that looks like so much fun!

Farmgirl Paints said...

One whole wall in my daughter's room is chalkboard paint. It's just the best:)

kawaii crafter said...

I love the idea of the chalkboard door. That paint is so versatile.