Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the small things

This was another uber-easy project, while I was recovering. Too ill to go jogging, scrub floors... but I could sew!

This was simply a matter of tracing the stencil letter-outline, then filling it in, and sewing it up. I used a bright gingham backer, to tie the colors together.

I mentioned games in a previous post. We played Richard Scary's Busytown over and over...
and over and over and over...

Sure, it's as cute as can be but, by the end of the weekend, I was soooo tired of searching for umbrellas and kites. Still, it's my Littlest 'Un's current favorite game so I mustered all the excitement I could, and grabbed my little orange magnifying glass. Beautiful games make repetition bearable.

All in all, the time spent sick was well worth it.
Little home touches were completed, slowly but surely, and we spent a LOT of time just hanging out and relaxing together.

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