Monday, February 13, 2012

Art that Teaches, Lifting the Bleh

No, I still haven't gotten my camera back. Or shipped it off.
Well, why send it off until I have the money to get it fixed, right? That's how we poor folks stay outta debt. You don't have it, you don't spend it.
So, my Mom has been letting me borrow her little Powershot. :) Thanks!
I'm throwing some things out there, trying to get my groove back. Drawin' a little here and there because I know it helps my funk, even if I don't feel the effects right away.

This past weekend I suddenly felt the irresistible urge to paint, which is a wonderful sign for me. Our family's lingering sickness is finally lifting. My S.A.D. coupled with my parents' divorce issues...I feel those emotional burdens lifting.

I want to paint again! (insert fantastical music here and a rainbow forming or something)

We're planning for spring...our animals studies, our garden plans. All of that feels good to me. I even ordered some neat seeds with unique names, and I'm aching to get going on all of that.

Good things, good things. It's a colorless post, but I feel very bright and light inside, and want to get back to the daily happiness and enjoyment of it all.

(Still working on keeping my sarcastic inner voice at bay, though. Heh. Life would be easier without the idiots, no? Okay, okay.)

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