Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Things to do this spring!

#1 Go on a Nature Walk or a Creek Jaunt

and catch critters to study.

We're always very careful about how and what we catch,

and have a release policy. :)

2. Do something you wouldn't normally do --nothing downright stupid, mind you.

I'm talking about wearing a big floppy hat, hopping across rocks in the creek,

balancing on a log, skipping stones with the kids.

Do something, anything, that makes you feel a little bit adventurous.

Something that brings a smile to your face.

Isn't my sister adorably fashionable?

3. Play in water or sand.

Because sand just rocks, admit it.

(haha, nerd science joke, no need to laugh out loud.)

4. This sorta goes along with the previous two~

Have FUN. Act like a kid.
Hopscotch, ride kiddie rides, play freeze tag at the park.

This is what memories are made of!

Yeah, this was taken today, because we're having AWESOME spring weather here in Arkansas!

'Nuf said.

6. Enjoy Nature.

7. Go Barefoot!

My adorable little nephew, on Easter.

And again, below, with my sister-in-law Cindy.

I have precious in-laws.

9. Go Camping. Real camping. With a tent.

And leave your electronics at home!

Cindy and Krew

In short, Enjoy Spring!

Savor the moment,

spend time on what matters,

turn your face to the sunshine!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Lovely, Wendy! I am so inspired I think I may try one or two tomorrow.;) Lori

michelle edwards joy said...

This made me smile :). Happy Spring Wendy!

Andrea O said...

Great list! I love #2. We should all step out of our comfort zones once in a while. Oh, and #5, your arms look fantastic!
Thanks for the inspiring list!

Jennifer Noble said...

very cute, glad you are enjoying it w/ the kids & family