Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thursday, in photos

Fred was able to take off Thursday and Friday for my oral surgery. Before the appointment on Thursday, we hit up some parks to play.

(Do you see our Littlest in the tunnel *on top of me*? It was quite a squeeze!)

It was good for the kids to work off some energy, and for me to distract myself from the anxiety of being put under.

Yo, every couple should have time to just be goofy together!

On Friday, before the appointment:

I'm blogging, so obviously I survived.

One minute I was lying in the surgeon's room, and the next minute I was lying on my couch at home. I'm very sensitive to pain meds. Apparently they monitored me for about an extra hour, as I wouldn't wake up. Finally I responded enough to get to the car in a wheelchair.

I don't remember any of that.

At any rate, my stitches should dissolve on their own, and I was sent home with great pain relievers.

I'm glad to have it done!

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Cerise said...

Glad your surgery went well. Hope your recovery is quick! LOVE the pictures of you and your hubby. They are so fun.