Monday, September 10, 2012


For awhile now, I’ve been aching to visit my now-real-life sweet friend Suzanne, over at The Joyful Chaos. And, even though she’s, like, a week from her due date, she offered her home for a Little Rock mini vacation.

Love this lady. Love this family.

I told her over and over, “You make me feel normal.”
Your kids eat food that they’ve dropped on the floor? Mine, too.
Your van has extra pairs of shoes, clothes, empty cups, and spare change, all jumbled together?
Yep, mine too.

The Parker crew let us load up with them in their 12-seat “church van” and took us on the North Little Rock/Little Rock tour, complete with trolley ride, picnic, rock climbing, bridge-walkin', farmer marketing.

Back at their home, games and crazy running. They taught my kids how to play 21 boogie clean-up (is that right?) and we taught them how to play My Father Owns a Grocery Store (they'd never heard of the car game!! Really?? Thought everyone played this!)
The guys laughed their silly laughs playing their silly phone apps, watching football, telling jokes. Meanwhile, Suzanne and I talked kids and homeschooling, birth stories and ambitions.

I love her heart. I love watching her interact with her children.
(Would you believe, I forgot my camera!!!-- so Suzanne was kind enough to take plenty of pics for me, and gave me unlimited access to her camera. I took some with my phone, too, but it was still PAINFUL to have left my electronic child behind!!)

“Oh my word!” (as they say,) it was a blessed and memorable weekend! I’m hoping and praying for more upcoming trips! Love you, girl!


Jenny said...

I love the farmer's market in Little Rock. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

mamabusybee said...

I've been on FB too much. I kept lookin for the "like" button below your pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to find a friend who makes you feel normal? I met a friend like that a couple years ago; sadly she just relocated but I am so thankful to have met her.