Friday, September 21, 2012

Waffle Helpers

Aren't my helpers cute? I kinda like 'em!
I have another motive for posting these, though.
I repainted.
Again. Yes, AGAIN.
See those cupboards that were in the process of becoming teal and red? And the brownish kitchen (actually a very pretty color, that looked almost light purplish in the sun)?

Well, it's white now. ALL OF IT. The whole kitchen-- cupboards, walls, ....and the living room....the computer desk, window ledges, breakfast room, my room....the hutch, the closet door....yeah. It's all high-gloss bright white now.
Can you believe it? ?
My painting mood lasted several days. ;) I worked on it last weekend and made tremendous progress. I'm loving the bright lightness of it, and how the bold colors stand out against the clean "canvas." Pictures are a'comin soon! -- promise!

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