Thursday, December 27, 2012

My favorite moments

Our house, on Christmas morning. While My Middle Boy was unloading his own stocking, he was excitedly distracted by his brothers opening theirs. Sweetness.
(you'll notice, we're not big on candy here. We like it, yes.
Love chocolate.
But we've chosen, for the most part, not to give food as gifts/rewards/incentives. Soooo, we do art supplies, little toys, bubbles, measuring tape, stickers...) 

A bonding moment shared over action figures, below, between Fred and the Oldest Boy.
 My sweet niece, so excited, at my Dad's house. Love this girl.
Love them all, with their excitement and drama, the noise and activity.
It was such a good day!!
 My Girl, the geography buff, opening all kinds of geography games from her Poppy.
 Last, but not least, my Man with his glow-in-the-dark toilet paper and little book of secrets. Because my sister is awesome enough to find these kinds of gifts for a very funny man! Don't you love his fuzzy ninja turtle pajama pants, that he wore to the family Christmas? Love love love my family!
I wish I'd captured a moment of my Dad reading the Christmas story, as he does every year. It's what the season is all about-- Thanking God for His amazing Gift for us.

We had wonderful family celebrations, and I'm so thankful that we were able to go to all of them before our family got sick. Today is another day of aching, sore throat, coughing miserableness in bed. I'm blogging from the comfort of a mattress on the floor in the living room, smelling like cough drops and Vicks. The only one who has escaped the sickness is My Girl, who has been helping take care of the rest of us.

I know the flu has hit soo-oo many families this year, and hope that my friends are all recovering now. Maybe we'll all get it out of the way before the weather warms up enough again for hiking!

Have a wonderful time enjoying the Christmas season, and your families!

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