Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art Journaling and remembering

Today we celebrated my Man's birthday. I'm so thankful for him, for his quirky humor and frank honesty. I'm thankful that I learned to look beyond my own narrow perceptions of the world, when he was brought into my life. I'm thankful for our differences, and how we came together!

We had a good day, eating out at a little surprise party for him.
Right now he's at a local wrestling event with two of the boys. I stayed home with the sleeping kindergartner, and teenager who enjoys a quiet house.

Really, I wanted to spend some time in art, hoping that it could heal or soothe a bit of the pain that will continue to carry over from yesterday.

I've journaled through some of the best, and some of the hardest, moments of my life.

Lots of processing through the years, and plenty of things worked out through that process.

 These books, stacks of them, have been my diaries, prayer journals, Bible workbooks, and unfiltered memories & thoughts.

 They've helped me with who I am, who I am growing to be, and what God plans for me.
(yep, those pictures above are of me. I am a true blond.
But, more important, I have always been passionate about art and nature.)
Just working on this, below, led to talks of how our family might change.
How we want to keep our doors and hearts open to possibilities.

Working through the "how should I feel" part of life. How do we cope? Where do we turn? Who is ultimately responsible for our happiness? How do you reconcile the beauty in this world with the pain?

It's like exercise. Often when I need it most, I have the hardest time getting going. Tonight, I NEED to draw. Even if my pen just moves across the page, it helps. 

No one draws or runs without a thought in their head. You start off, and begin processing and/or praying without realizing that "therapy" has started.

After a day in our country like yesterday, we could all use some prayer and a healthy dose of therapy.

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