Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Class~ Birch Trees

First, I had my little pupils paint "grass" along the bottom of their sketchbooks. We talked about using strokes to paint, rather than jamming the brushes down on the paper. Acrylics dry fast, so we mixed in some water, painted our grass and blew it dry.

 Next, we used watercolors to add sunsets to our backgrounds.

While our sunsets dried, we used another sheet of paper to start on the birch trees. 
That there, folks, is my expired wageworks healthcare card.
See? It's still good for somethin'.

The kids took a short break while we waited for everything to thoroughly dry.
Next, we cut out our birch trees and pasted them on our backgrounds.

 Look at their beautiful results!!
I'm so proud of my talented little students!
 Some of their birch trees didn't reach entirely across, and kids wanted to add leaves to the top.
So we fingerpainted!
(Simply because fingerpaint is fun and an easy way to add foliage!)

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