Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Photo Shoot--My Loves

Awhile back, I took some pregnancy shots for one of my sweet friends, as my shower gift.
On Sunday, she returned the favor and photographed my family.
Really, this thrills me!!
I don't think we've ever had professional-quality photos done before!
My own precious teen captured the one below, with my camera, before our photographer arrived on-scene.
15 years, guys.
15 years and every year gets better than the last.

Below, "sneak peek" pics that our photographer posted for us, on facebook.
Her words, verbatim, "Can't be the Adlers without something silly in store."

I love the evident personalities.
My Girl was cold and didn't want to uncross her arms.
Now, tell me, how you can jump straight up like that, with crossed arms? Goofball.
And My Oldest Boy, all mellow in his green shirt, plaid fedora, rather reserved leap.
Then there's Dash aka Middle Boy--
He went all out.
Leap for the sky. Throw your head back and have a good laugh.
And My Little Lad, styling in his signature fedora and tie, this time sporting suspenders as well.
And, of course, following his big brother's lead. And hovering somehow in midair.
Yes, very telling.
Very perfect.
Loooove the one below, too. Trang does such an amazing job.
Check out her Created for You page on Facebook.

This was an unposed shot.
My Little Lad was photobombing our couple picture, and Trang snapped it.

 Oh, this naturally gorgeous girl.
Curlers? No. Braid? No. She didn't want anything done with her hair.
She doesn't wear skirts or dresses.
I don't know where she got her tomboyishness, but it's just fine and dandy with me.
We may not have twinkie personalities, but I adore this girl and all of her natural ways.

I love my family so much, craziness and all!

She also caught one of me, with this absolutely amazing light.
The sun was starting to set, streaks of light were breaking through the trees...
Ahhh, this is why I love the Ozarks.

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