Thursday, June 6, 2013

IF you could do anything....

I haven't updated in two months but, really, not a lot has changed. The house is on the market. Within 48 hours, we had an offer and accepted. From there, though, things fell apart. Our buyers couldn't get their financing and, like happens so often, the deal was off and our house went back on the market. Things are looking good, though, with multiple showings a week. I'm confident that it will sell quickly, and we'll be on our merry way.

This whole venture is out of our comfort zone. I mean, who has four kids and just up and moves across the country? (Okay, not clear across the country, but a good 900+ miles away, so it counts in my book.) So what started it all? One day I thought, "What would we do, if we could do anything? Where would we go?" followed shortly by, "....and why can't we?" So there you have it. We discussed, prayed, strategized, and starting making moment-by-moment choices that would lead us on that path. Because sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "where do we want to be in 5 years?" and make the necessary adjustments.
Otherwise, obviously, you will rarely get where you aim to be.

 Nothing will change in your life if you don't do something different from what you have been doing.
E. Perry Good
Sometimes it's the little things that we need to take control of, or alter. But occasionally those moments come along, when you are meant to just DO something big, something kinda crazy, to totally alter the course. Our lives here have been wonderful, with good friends and family surrounding us. It's just simply not where we're meant to be. And when you know, you just know. It is time.
I'm trying so hard to live purposefully now, while we're in limbo. Honestly, it feels like our life is on hold....hold ....hold....elevator music while we hold our breaths and wait for the new chapter to begin. I don't want to miss life as it happens NOW, though.

I want these moments remembered, captured, preserved. Sometimes-- probably most often-- the waiting is what reveals the most, and develops us. It's a game now, of bouncing our minds back to the present when preoccupation with the future threatens to take over, or worry rears its ugly head.

We've even had to remind the kids over and over, that now is where we are, and now is what will continue to be in the forefront of our minds. Like it or not, we all live in the now.

It's amazing watching kids work out their experiences through play. A friend of mine was just discussing this, in regard to her preschoolers playing "tornado" after the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, and threat of tornadoes here.

My kids, however, play "moving to Texas." I kid you not. My Littlest Guy will set up the dollhouse (naturally surrounded by dinosaurs, to stand guard) and the extra stuff is "put away because they're moving to Texas." Cracks.Me.Up.
Their talk and explanations often follow, "....when we move..." And, yes, we talk about it. We plan and hope and dream. We know the grass isn't greener, it's just "for us." We know there will be obstacles, and we talk about these, with each other, and with the kids. I just don't want it to consume us. Job change, house change, state change, even climate change. It's big for us. But we've gotta take it day-by-day.
The plan for our summer: Trust, Enjoy, eXpect great things, Act accordingly, and Savor the moment.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy~
I just "check in" occasionally :) This post reminded me of a book that has become my favorite. Our family just finished reading it as a family. It is called Love Does by Bob Goff. It's an inspirational read. This man has some incredible life stories and I believe he has experienced them for two reasons: First of all, God planned for these things to happen in his life, and second he was not afraid to put himself out there for things to happen. I wish you many blessings in your adventure ahead. Keep trusting in Jesus and following His lead.
Blessings ~ Erin