Saturday, December 14, 2013

Up in the air

Oh, y'all. I'm having a stressful moment. We're so up in the air right now. Boxes are packed all around me, making a little read-to-move igloo. And I just don't know what's going to happen. Wasn't I just in this waiting game a few months ago? Shouldn't I have learned to relax. Trust. Not stress out. Man, that's so hard.
Our rental place now has served it's purpose, and we're moving on by the end of the month. We just don't know WHERE for sure!
Our landlords here have been amazing. For crying out loud, she just brought over chocolate cupcakes, for Fred's birthday tomorrow! {{heart}} They are so.very.sweet.
But we've been dealing with a lot of problems with our place. And, despite their best attempts to remedy the situation, it's going to require some intensive work, due to water and mold damage. They have released us from our lease, and we're all packed up.
Now. The where.
Fred is working 40 minutes from here, and it would make a world of difference for him, if we can shorten that commute. We're working on getting a house that's only about 5 minutes from his route, but we won't find out until sometimes this next week if it's ours. The wait!!! Ahhh!
Did I mention that his birthday is tomorrow, and Christmas is 10 days away? And my home is in boxes. {deep breath} It's the uncertainty that pains me.
And, also, I miss my color! I was just over at Sara's Art House, oohing and aahing over the color and happiness. Oh-- I miss my packed-up color happiness, my craft supplies, my pom poms for little hands to play with, my bright dishes!
Pray for us? For a home soon. For answers and security. We love it here in the Rio Grande Valley. The people have been amazing to us. The weather is fantastic. We just need our place. :) Thank you!


the junk in our trunks said...

I will say a prayer. I feel your pain, we have had to rent for the last three years, and trying to find a rental when you have six kids and a dog, can be one of the hardest tasks. God has always provided and we have ended up renting a great house for now. God has the perfect house waiting for you. I wish you luck and a very Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Sending warm wishes and a prayer. Hope you find a place that you love! I'm going through the same thing.