Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still here, for now!

Hi!! ((echo))
We're still here, living in deep south Texas. And I've become invisible, sorry. ;) When we moved in December, it took me quite awhile to actually get cable/internet set up in our new home, so I all but abandoned facebook and other online networking.
Not a lot has changed. We're enjoying our beautiful southern winter & early spring. It was about 90 degrees here yesterday, which I consider nearly perfect.
Sunshine, soccer, bicycle rides. The perfect Saturday.
We've avoided the beach like the plague this month, with all the spring breakers in the area. But soon the Winter Texans and spring breakers will be moving along, and we'll have beautiful beaches to ourselves from April- June.
We've had a chance to see more of the world. Passports, check. We added Mexico to the list of places we've been. Far far different from our trip to Canada!!
I do miss my hills and canyons, caves, and cliffs. There's such beauty all over this world. In this chapter, we're enjoying the beaches and birding centers.
Honestly, though, this move has been a particular struggle for my husband. The culture is very different. The climate isn't as agreeable to him as it is to me. The general area isn't as clean and friendly as what we're used to. This isn't home. And we don't plan to stay in this city much longer.
We have big changes coming up this summer. Life is such a balance, of going where you're called, making the best choices for your family, year by year.  We've moved more in the last year than in the previous 16 years combined. It's been a challenge but also an adventure. It's been a time of enormous growth for relationship.
Prayers please, as we continue to settle wherever we're meant to be, and as I work on following my husband's lead. I'm not naturally good at following, and definitely need supernatural strength for it!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Pinterest and I have to say - I love the colors and images you've used! Just a lovely blog. :)
Welcome back!

Jenny said...

I've been praying for you this winter Wendy & so glad to see you online again!