Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Again, it's LATE and I'm TIRED, but need a quick update on here so I don't feel like a total slacker!

Quick version (maybe), and then more later.
And, sorry, people but I don't have time for links, so you'll just have to look things up for yourself. I know, I'm so considerate.
So, here goes.
The 15th was my hubby's bday! Wow. Time flies by. Next year I'll be able to really tease him about his age. And I'll be throwing him a surprise birthday party then, too. You are all invited. Just remember that. This time next year.

Every year really has gotten better. Not that it started out badly, but we were young and stupid. I know people always say "naive", but we were just stupid. We got married, fought, had problems, and then grew up together. Having kids helped that whole process along! So, anyway, now he's my best friend. He makes me laugh all the time. I can't wait 'til he gets home from work, and I look forward to that 1:30pm call every day. I know, it's all silly, but I love it. And I love him, and it was very fun to celebrate another birthday together!!

What else? Well, the Christmas tea was GREAT! I realized I never posted a sequel to the last post about it. There was no speaker!! YEA-- and, just to be sure, I showed up 20 minutes late so as to miss any unpleasantness. Actually, I just missed the prayer and devotional. Oh, well. The food was the important thing anyway, right? And the singing was fantastic!! Good job, youth girls!

Hmmm... Umm...Oliver has been waking me up every 3 hours at night, so I'm having trouble thinking.

Tomorrow is a cookie party at a friend's house. So the kids and I baked cookies today, some to decorate for tomorrow and some to share for snacks. That was fun. We also did a lot of our schoolwork outside today b/c the weather was GREAT. When it started to get chilly, we started a fire and had "recess" (aka digging time and Frisbee.)

OH-- And yesterday I took Isabelle and Ethan to a movie for the first time!! (Yes, they are 8- and 6- years old. I'm not big on spending money to watch a big TV screen.) But we saw Enchanted, and it was quite good. Thanks for the review, Ann-Marie!! It's one of those movie that makes you want to leave singing and dancing. LOVE it. And there were only 4 other people in the theater with us. Unfortunately, our movie stopped abruptly twice and we had to get someone to turn it back on!!! New theater and I guess they had some glitches. If I'd been in one of my feistier moods I probably would have demanded a refund. But it was a happy movie, so I was happy and the guy lucked out.

Okay, gotta hit the sack... only to be awakened in a few hours, I'm sure... pray for me!! ;-)


Arato Girl said...

I'm glad you guys liked Enchanted. I want to see that one, too. I never quite outgrew the whole 'wanting to be a princess' thing. It's nice that you have a theater in Siloam now, even if they still have some glitches to work out ;-)
Isn't it great having a husband who makes you laugh? We'll both live longer, I'm sure.
I agree about the Christmas Tea. The food was yummy and the singing was lovely.

Mandy said...

That's awesome to hear about you and your hubby. My husband and I were VERY young when we got married (17 and 19) and I must admit I'm so proud of how we've turned out! I always say we grew up together too... very cool. :)

I'm with ya on the being up at night. Last night Samuel had a fluke 6 hour stretch so when he woke up to eat for the first time at 4am I was both super engorged and really awake! Been up since! lol