Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the cough

Well, the dreaded cough has made it to our home. Thankfully, no fevers or stomach bugs. Knock on wood. But we have the snot noses and the cough. Isabelle has a strong gag reflex. So, what does she do? Cough, puke. Cough, puke. Give her cough medicine and she pukes again. How many times should you give a kid cough medicine? I give up after two usually.

I enjoyed a "down day" today. No running around, unless you count the library. Tomorrow should be fairly calm also. We have a reading-intense week and that seems to help the calmness somehow. During science experiment weeks, it get a bit crazy.

Friday night the fun and craziness of the Christmas season really begins. Double birthday parties. Saturday is the Christmas Tea at church. Please no speaker this year. Please. The content of the last ones was inappropriate. Enough said. Not that I dislike the speakers themselves, but it was just not well-planned at all. I will have to run out on this one if someone gets up to talk!! Besides, the next Lowe's workshop is at the same time. It's my back-up plan.

So, anyway, after the tea, Fred will be rushing off to poker. Yes, we are Baptist and my husband plays poker. He's actually quite good, and won a tourney once. :-) You can blame my brother-in-law for getting the family into that! (And you know I'm just jealous because I can't play worth a lick.)

Saturday night ladies Christmas party and Sunday brings us back to church. Church. I really like the book we're doing in Sunday School. It's called In His Presents (play on words, I'm not misspelling anything, Sherrill!) The last chapter was about personality types. It doesn't get too detailed, and maybe it's methods are a bit vague and out-of-date compared to the Meyers Briggs and others, but it's still good food for thought. Fred and I (well me, really, who am I kidding) decided that he is a Peaceful Phlegmatic and I'm a weird mix between Choleric and Melancholy. Would you agree? He laughed outright when the SS teacher said something about Melancholies arranging their closets according to color. But, hey, it makes sense! I know I need a black shirt to wear, so I don't have to spend an hour looking. Of course, they are also arranged according to type. My husband's closet... sheesh... he loses pants and finds them two years later.

Okay, so this was going to be a short post and I got to the rambling again. Talkative...another characteristic of cholerics. What can I say? A lot apparently.


silly me said...

i must be your same type! i just redid my closet. by color!

and the cough, puke thing. nobody warned me! my girl does it. ugh. i hate it!

your reding-intense week/science experiment week piqued my interest - how do you homeschool? what's your method/style/day like?

yeah, i can't play poker either. i don't lie or hide well - but matt? good grief, he always wants me to play balderdash - he's so good at making stuff up and making people believe it.

Arato Girl said...

I'm a sanguine/melancholy. They say we shouldn't exist.

I feel SO sorry for Izzy about the puking. I hate to puke. I hope her cough goes aways soon.

October Dawn said...

How fun! I'm glad to know you're relaxing a bit. I actually kind of did today too. I'll have to try to blog about it later tonight. Gotta go!

Ann-Marie said...

Well, now you just piqued my curiosity. I want to know why you didn't like the speaker. We've had a couple of THOSE speakers before...so I can guess.

I also organize my closet by color, so there's someting we have in common!

I've never heard of that personality test, but I love taking them...you know..it's so interesting to find out why you are the way you are.

WendyJanelle said...

I stink at Balderdash, too! I don't lie convincingly, I guess!

Homeschool day/ style/ method...oh, my! Do you want a long answer or a short one? It has changed drastically. I LOVE Managers of Their Homes. We had a great working schedule, but it's gone by the wayside as the baby has grown into a new stage. I also switched curriculums mid-year, so that shook things up. I don't like Saxon 2nd grade math. I thought I would. So now we're doing a jumble of things that work for us. I love the K12 curriculum and use a lot of it. I love Sonlight reading materials also. More later on my daily plan! :-)

Ann-Marie, the speakers were depressing. There's just no other way to say it. They were major downers, and I left sad and angry, rather than uplifted. Not what I expected at all...especially having Isabelle with me. I mean, last time there were actually people CRYING. Inappropriate content!!

WendyJanelle said...

And, Amy, you are NOT a Sanguine/ Melancholy!! Haha!

Adelia said...

I don't know how I missed this post. Funny, "how many times can you give a kid cough syrup..." been there with the same question. A fun book to read on the 4 personality types is "Personality Plus" she also has one for parents. Brett is Phlegmatic/Choleric (random) and I'm Sanguine/Choleric (obnoxious). Last night, I mentally tagged Fred as peaceful phlegmatic. My skills are good...