Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maybe a break is due?

Two posts in one day

and just to say

that I may need a break

for my sanity's sake

Too much going on

Too much going wrong

Head just above water

Scared I may falter

There's so much to do

I'll never get through

all this work that I see

but I need to just be

focused on them

and focused on Him

so a break is in order

my posts may be shorter

and farther between

but if I'm not seen

I'll still try to read,

at least that I need

And if I won't write

my time is just tight

but I care for you all

my orders just tall

And when I come back

don't give me much flack

just let me slip in

where I've always been.


Kathi said...

I came from Graphically Designing to check out your blog live...this is a great poem. Have a Happy Summer!

Shan said...

Yes that was a cute poem ;). I'm right there with you on the time thing. Actually, I have much more than you still (sorry) but summertime makes me want to get away from my computer and spend time with my kiddies. I'm trying to read all the blogs as well but my comments have slacked way off and my own blog always goes at a slow trickle. Hope things get more relaxing for you soon so you can relax at the pool or whatever sounds relaxing to you.
You did a good job on all that millage business. Sorry it didn't go well. I expect to see a LOT more frustrating gov't business in the near future. Ick.

Shan said...
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Ann-Marie said...

Bloggers - we love to blog, but we love our breaks, too! I hear you.

I'll keep checking back, and I join the chorus of well-wishers for you to enjoy a happy, relaxed fun-filled, kid-friendly summer.

Happy trails!

October Dawn said...

You've said it well. Stick to what you have to, and know we'll be checking on you.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Good for you, Wenders! We know you love us, and I'm glad you're trying to not spread yourself too thin. Love ya!

Simply Stork said...

you will be missed :o)


Angela said...

Love your poem... and LOVE your new look! Your blog is gorgeous!